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  1. Another Uber Driver

    Is Destination Mode Malfunctioning for you too ?

    I never would accept Pool/Line when I had the Destination Filter engaged. I suspected that Uber might take me out of my way. Lyft comes just short of telling you that when it tells you that "additional riders may be added". Lyft also tells you that when you try to engage "Last Ride" on Line...
  2. Another Uber Driver

    "You are the only white driver I've ever had."

    While I am no conservative, I am no liberal, either. I call them Oppress-ER-uh-PROGRESSives. I am what the Left hates even more than an ultra-Right: I actually think for myself. The last thing that the Left wants is for anyone to think. The former is ridiculous on the face of it. As for...
  3. Another Uber Driver

    Lyft are clowns.

    ..................until Fubar copycats it, that is.................................. .........good point; worthy of consideration and one that I had not considered.......................... 1566356346 That is about what I got with both of the occurrences to which I referred. I did not use...
  4. Another Uber Driver

    The Christian driver's thread

    I suppose that I could bring that group's somewhat less than stellar history in the fight against slavery into this one, but, let us pass over that, for now. They claim that they do not believe that life begins at conception. They consider it a mass of cells until this "mass of cells" makes it...
  5. Another Uber Driver

    Lyft are clowns.

    Whatever happened to "the customer is the reason that we work; he is not stopping us from doing our work."?
  6. Another Uber Driver

    Lyft are clowns.

    I have had problems lately with both of them. I had a nasty back and forth with Rohit of Uber on a cancellation fee. I finally got it. I had one yesterday from Rovil of Lyft. He tried to tell me that I did not press the "arrive" button. NONSENSE. The timer does not start until you press...
  7. Another Uber Driver

    "You are the only white driver I've ever had."

    I got that once. The guy made no bones about being unhappy at getting a white driver. He said that he wanted a black driver/ I asked him why he did not cancel until he got a driver that he wanted. He said that he did not want to wait that l ong. We had this one driver in my cab company...
  8. Another Uber Driver

    Child Booster - yup - they know

    The ants usually haul them, so they just request another. Eventually, they get an ant who will haul the child without the car seat. I tell them to call or hail a cab, as cabs are exempt from the car seat law in the Capital of Your Nation. If they want to know how to call a cab, I give them my...
  9. Another Uber Driver

    No change for a $100 bill? Equals no tip

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ They know that you do not have change for a one hundred dollar bill. It is feelgood histrionics. Further, it demonstrates abject moronicity on the part of the passenger. 1. Why go through all of that for no purpose? It is not...
  10. Another Uber Driver

    Account deactivation challenge

    Original Poster was asking how to get de-activated in five days, not how to get a Summons-to-Court for Creating a Public Nuisance in five minutes.
  11. Another Uber Driver

    Anyone get busted giving cash "illegal cab" rides?

    People are still using the cabs at National Airport, here. They use them less at Dulles and Baltimore's airport. Due to airport taxes and taxes imposed by some jurisdictions, coupled with Uber's inconsistent up front pricing, a cab from National Airport to Downtown Washington or one of the...
  12. Another Uber Driver

    My car inspection experience

    They knew that they had you, so they took advantage. When I lived in Montréal, both Mr. Muffler and Canadian Tire were rip-off joints. Je comprends que rien a changé....................... croches hier, croches au jour d'hui, corches demain..................... In certain markets south of...
  13. Another Uber Driver

    Anyone get busted giving cash "illegal cab" rides?

    They do stings in Florida and Nevada, -eh? They do them in the Capital of Your Nation, as well. Every time I see a TNC, limousine, unlicenced cab driver or out of state cab get popped, I jump for joy. I like to rub the driver's nose in it by cheering for the police, if I get the chance...
  14. Another Uber Driver

    Account deactivation challenge

    Only Uber Trolls think that they can earn ten million bananas in a lifetime of driving fo r Uber. They are still hung up on the "life changing money" lie. Passengers will do that for you. Just do not go to the car wash. I would post dashcam content of my trips on YouTube with all of my...
  15. Another Uber Driver

    Poll - Uber Pro worthless?

    I should have voted "no" because "less than worthless" was not one of the choices.
  16. Another Uber Driver

    Dog Bite During Delivery

    I d o not know how expensive cigarets are in Minnesota, but, if they are not that bad, carry a lit cigaret up to every delivery. Also have some forecrackers. A cigaret is the best slow match in the world. Out comes the dog, fuse to cigaret, throw firecracker in dog's face.....no more trouble...
  17. Another Uber Driver

    Uber pool BS!

    Southern California is still paying a multiplier?
  18. Another Uber Driver

    What the most offensive thing

  19. Another Uber Driver

    License Suspended, Uber & Lyft Suspension

    Bocce was excellent, as well, but, as you state, it is personal preference. I drove a truck in Canada and often Buffalo was the last leg of the trip before I turned back to do the legs that eventually ended in Montréal, where I lived. One of the places that Maislin Brothers used to drop was...
  20. Another Uber Driver

    Public Service Announcement

    Odds are that I am missing some of the slang. I know a few of the words that they use in España for vulgarities, but, they do not use those words in the Americas. I just like the tune, mostly. I do not get the same out of rap. There was this one tune by Daddy Yankee that even got airplay...