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  1. labloverva

    Lat/Long numbers

    When using Google maps as navigation, I get Latitude and Longitude numbers in the display. Why is that, and what can I do to get the correct street address? I've been unable to find a setting on my iphone 8+.
  2. labloverva

    Help with this please

    Have a friend arriving on a plane. I was in the parking lot with uber online. She calls when they have their bags, and tells me to come on. Then calls Uber for a ride and I am less than 300 yards from her. I don't get a notification from Uber of this ride, so by now I am picking her up. She gets...
  3. labloverva

    Current release of Uber driver app

    What is the current release Level? Where can I find It? Does Uber use push technology to inform us of an update or do they push it to us? Thanks!!
  4. labloverva

    Pax comments on Uber GPS

    Had a pax yesterday tell me he and friends have complained to Uber about the problems and inaccuracies of the Uber passenger app. Lost, freezing, bad directions, etc. I told him the driver app has the same problems for months and he agreed, saying that other drivers have mentioned the same...
  5. labloverva

    Asking for a tip

    Is It a Uber rule violation to post a note on the seat back, politely requesting a tip?
  6. labloverva

    Lack of tip

    I got a ping to pick up a rider and was there in less than 4 minutes. Well dressed 30's guy, with a large bag which I helped to load. At 3:30 in the afternoon I was sure it was a ride to the airport 15 mile away. Friendly guy, we had many things in common, and he had formally lived here. We got...
  7. labloverva

    Drivers finding riders

    I've had trouble finding the pax in apartment communities and shopping centers. GPS is wrong, often by 50 to 100 yards, and sometimes there are crowds. One rider I had in a crowd, turned on her phone light and held the phone up in the air. Spotted her instantly!! I submitted this suggestion to...
  8. labloverva

    What would happen?

    Based upon all of the complaints I am reading about how Uber is screwing it's drivers in multiple ways, do you think they would pay attention to drivers complaints if we ALL stopped driving for a week?
  9. labloverva

    Numerical GPS address at destination

    I've been seeing numerical GPS longitude and latitude displayed at a destination. The PAX could be 1 or 2 houses away. Many times the street ddress is not displayed on the building or the mailbox post. I'm using Google maps and can not find a setting that turns this on or off. How do I solve this??
  10. labloverva

    Lost GPS

    I accepted a ride from my driveway which took me to the interstate, across the river, and said to make a u-turn. I did and it brought me back across the river back towards my house 4 blocks away and back to the original route across the river. I called the rider and explained and he cancelled...
  11. labloverva

    Determining the length of the ride

    Is there a way to determine the length of a ride before setting out ? Seems to me, that since Uber knows the starting location and the ending location they should tell us the length, so we can avoid multiple short rides. That seems to be all I get. Another thing that annoys me is riders that do...
  12. labloverva

    Getting paid to pick up riders

    Why doesn't Uber pay us to travel to pick up their riders? I feel we should get something to drive 5-10 miles to pick up someone that needs a ,5 mile ride! Without a rating or a tip either. I had 3 rides today, and not one tipped me!One Had a Porsche in the driveway too! I don't think that Uber...
  13. labloverva

    Short rides

    Since Uber knows the rider pickup point and the destination, why don't they display the distance to the driver that wants to avoid shot trips? With gas prices over 2.15 here, I can't make any money. None of these short rides, produce any tips either. Anyone else have this problem and how did you...
  14. labloverva

    Uber support

    Has anyone else had trouble with their call in support? I spent 35 minutes talking to someone about a problem and he could not understant. When I ask to speak to someone else he said there was no one available. The problem is the support team does not speak good English, and I cannot understand...
  15. labloverva

    Pay verification

    I had a rider tell me today that on his Uber the ride was 6.30. My uber ride was 4.59. Whats wrong here?