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  1. Genji

    Just an Average Uber pax review of Lyft

    Just yesterday I had a passenger say "I know with Uber the tip is included." I had to correct her, they are forbidden by law to take a % of a tip, it would have to be declared separate from the fare. Lyft does give you an option to tip which is entirely up to you. People believe what they want...
  2. Genji

    What is the point of driving now?!

    Just got this e mail for Los Angeles: Winter Pricing Effective Friday, Jan. 15 Cost per mile: $0.88 Cost per minute: $0.16 Lyft Plus cost per mile: $1.55 Lyft Plus cost per minute: $0.30 Minimum Price: $3.50 I think these are the 1967 rates for a tuk tuk in Phuket.
  3. Genji

    My family does not know...

    My wife caught on right away, she noticed I didn't tell a soul. God bless her, we didn't even have to talk about it.
  4. Genji

    LAX lot status

    Here are the details from my Lyft ride LAX/MarVista Ride Details Ride (7.3mi, 18m 50s) $10.73 Trust & Service Fee $1.65 Toll: LAX Pickup Fee $4.00 Tip $4.00 $20.38 Taxi Cab was usually $30.00 with tip.
  5. Genji

    I used Lyft as a pax from LAX

    Does anyone know the limits/boundaries for a driver that is registered in Los Angeles? How far away can I drive?
  6. Genji

    I used Lyft as a pax from LAX

    p.s.s. Also, gave a tip out of pitty, $4.00
  7. Genji

    I used Lyft as a pax from LAX

    I hate the rating system, when you are a passenger in my car you either get 5 stars or 1 star, if I give anything other than 5 stars you are a real dick. I gave the driver 3 stars and mentioned the trunk was full of crap. p.s. Never said he or she in my post.
  8. Genji

    I used Lyft as a pax from LAX

    Pick up at sign "F" at United, I watched the app as the driver passed the first left turn on the upper level, skipped the second left turn and drove around the entire loop past the Bradley terminal, not a good sign. An old Ford Focus pulled up and parked with it's rear driver side sticking out...
  9. Genji

    Seattle Passes Law Allowing Uber Drivers To Unionize

    Here's the Huffington Post link; http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/uber-seattle-union_566f3e49e4b011b83a6c3b24 Game on!
  10. Genji

    Lyft drivers don't have fasttrak transponder.

    Just use it once without transponder, they will take a photo of your plates and send you a fine notice, they give you the option to join without fine, $40.00, they take out the onetime fee, $1.85 or so and the rest is credit, then they send you a transponder. The transponder must be on the front...
  11. Genji


    These change occasionally, not often. Starbucks door codes: Fairfax & Olympic 1981 Wilshire & 3rd SM 15963 Wilshire & 11th SM 97224 Wilshire & Citrus 9362 Wilshire & Union 11223 San Fernando & Palm 51015 Venice & Centinela 12345 Sepulveda & Manchester 45678 1st &...
  12. Genji

    LAX Update

    This is not going to be pretty. The best will be if it surges and all the pax cancel and wait, 50 cars, 50 passenger, 2.0 surge and no pings.
  13. Genji

    Troll or uber employee ?

    No need to panic. I'll just lash together a few raw facts, a little bit of old Negro wisdom, and this nightmare is over.
  14. Genji

    Uber is in deep sh!t

    I think it would be good for them to pay payroll taxes and withhold FICA and State Tax and any other requirements. That would bring things a little closer to reality when everyone talks about income.
  15. Genji

    Off topic: Pothead neighbors

    It's the Holiday Season, take them a gift basket of edibles!
  16. Genji

    "Do you mind if I play a sermon?"

    I have opted to drive Lyft for the past couple of weeks. I have been telling myself and my passengers the clientele are just cooler people. I have been dreading the moment when some underage turd wants to sing Bieber songs..... Then this happened today; "Do you mind if I play a sermon?" All the...
  17. Genji

    100 On Demand Economy Side Gigs For Uber Drivers

    "Adopt a sharing mindset." What kind of Orwellian bullshit is this?
  18. Genji

    Uber Technical Support

    Thank you Arto, best video ever! Just follow the GPS, yeah right.
  19. Genji

    People are just cheap.

    If he thinks they are shitty now give it 3 or 4 years when the loans are paid but the drivers can't afford a down payment.