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  1. amazinghl

    How to deal with drunks

  2. amazinghl

    GH: Doom if you do, doom if you don't.

    If you accept those $3 deliveries, GH will end up have to contribute to make the minimum guarantee hr rate and you'll get banned eventually. If you don't accept those $3 delivers, you'll get time out. Lose/lose for the drivers...
  3. amazinghl

    New GH pay rate $2.10 base

    $2.10 base and $.90 (4 miles) Tip makes all the difference now.
  4. amazinghl

    How to make people pay you tip.

    >>When you bring the order to the customer’s door and hand it to them, they usually say, “Thanks.” and start closing the door. That’s when you will say: “Excuse me. You said you were going to tip in cash?” They will usually respond, “What?” or “Huh?” You show them your phone screen and point to...
  5. amazinghl

    Michaels 6 Cup Caddy, no more spill drinks

    https://www.michaels.com/assorted-6-cup-caddy-with-handle-by-creatology/10554271.html Worth it! I picked one up yesterday and I am looking forward to no more spill drinks in my future. Local pick up only. Michaels' website can find the exact aisle the cuddy is at if you put in your location and...
  6. amazinghl

    GrubHub: Hourly guarantees are slowly being phased out.

    From a GH employee.
  7. amazinghl

    Wrong way driver hit Uber car..

    This is why ALL drivers needs a dashcam, so they can sell the footage for $$$$. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7009035/Terrifying-moment-wrong-way-drug-driver-causes-head-crash-New-York-tunnel.html
  8. amazinghl

    Amazon delivery woman drops off parcel then urinates

  9. amazinghl

    I'll drive that 23 miles to get to the restaurant... yeah, right.

    Since I don't care about guarantee rate or status, I accepted this offer so I can see exactly how far the distance is. GrubHub wanted me to go to 23 miles to get to the restaurant to do $12 delivery. After I rejected this offer, another $13 offer popped up 4 miles away, which I accepted and...
  10. amazinghl

    I gave a new life to an old jukebox

    I found and bought an old iJuke jukebox by Crosley. I liked the design and price was good so I bought it. All functions worked as designed, but I wanted more than the outdated iPod/iPhone connection and an AUX in. My original plan was just to put a car stereo head-unit in the box and upgrade...
  11. amazinghl

    Fedex's Delivery Bot

    https://www.fastcompany.com/90312994/fedexs-first-delivery-robot-will-climb-your-stairs-and-hand-you-a-pizza?cm_ven=SocialMedia&cm_cat=spiceworks&cm_pla=MKT35904adu0000P0000&cm_ite=cdwcorp Soon it will take over...
  12. amazinghl

    $4 plus tips per hour at Sonic!

    The entire store quit. https://www.dailydot.com/irl/sonic-employees-leave-note-whole-store-quit/
  13. amazinghl

    2 hours late order delivered!

    I got stacked two orders from the same restaurant in GrubHub (GH shows the total amount with tips before you accept the trip). One drop off is about 1 mile out, but no tip. The other drop off is 5 mile out, with a $5 tip. Guess which order I deliver first? When I get to the no-tip house, I can...
  14. amazinghl

    Post screenshot of your boost today!

    Phx No boost. 1.8x an hour south.
  15. amazinghl

    Why bother rate the restaurant and customer?

    Why waste your time to rate the restaurant and customer? Who will see the information? You? Other drivers? Customers? Restaurant? NOBODY, that's who! If you don't like the restaurant, don't go there. If you don't like the customer because they don't answer door/phone, wait 8 minutes and take...
  16. amazinghl

    Pregnant lyft driver stabbed to death

    https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/tempe-breaking/2019/01/28/tempe-stabbing-victim-lyft-driver-responding-call-service/2706197002/ Trust your guts feeling, be safe out there!
  17. amazinghl

    PHX IHOP, entering the order after driver arrived.

    Last night, I was away from my usual area and I got a ping to go to an IHOP 15 minutes away. When I got there, I noticed the restaurant is a little busy, but not too bad. After a few minutes, one of the waitress finally acknowledged me. I announced who I was delivery for and the waitress started...
  18. amazinghl

    Poor vs Rich.

    Both gave me tips!