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  1. TheDevilisaParttimer

    My FIrst 1 Star 🙄

    Get yourself one of these, they work on pax too :winking:
  2. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Deactivation issue

    I believe this is the book you’re looking for 👀
  3. TheDevilisaParttimer

    TUMBLR worth $1.1 BILLION in 2013 just sold for $20MM

    Bump that up to 60% of Tumblr was porn. Tumblr was like Facebook and Pornhub had a baby. It started after Verizon, so Verizon screwed itself.
  4. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Lyft People - Are you even paying attention?

    Actually your Uber numbers are much better than the lyft #s
  5. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Riding Dirty

    Sorry for ragging on you Ben 😋 We just having a little fun
  6. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Riding Dirty

    Maybe the video doesn’t portray what you seen and felt but.... their driving didn’t look dangerous. To be honest this post just make you look like a snitch. 🤫
  7. TheDevilisaParttimer

    I made sure it was ok with my taxman to post this...

    He got his identity stolen many times plus fines for false advertisement. https://www.writeraccess.com/blog/the-day-lifelock-got-hacked/
  8. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Uber Posts $5.2 Billion Loss and Slowest Ever Growth Rate

    Anyone that knows anything about accounting or finance, knows Uber is royally fkd. Uber makes money off financial illiteracy, including most drivers and investors. It’s troubling to see people post horrible accounting practices or math on here like it’s fact. Feel sad for these people because...
  9. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Rude lady- NIGHTMARE

  10. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Why Uber Stock Is Tanking.

    Burn, burn, burn!!!
  11. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Investors who dumped Uber stock last week are idiots: Here's what's really going on.

    :i'm mad: Now you stop using common sense and logic before you chase away up’s pet trolls.
  12. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Racial Profiling of Lyft Pax from their Photo

    Idk Sarah isn’t too much better...
  13. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Stop lying about your Uber Earnings

    Well all the other guys went on to be Expendables.
  14. TheDevilisaParttimer

    So......Not A Great Quarter?

    Investors can dress this stock up all they like but we know the truth.
  15. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Uber Posts $5.2 Billion Loss and Slowest Ever Growth Rate

    Not declining trips, taking trips, idk. I don’t see how any of this is relevant. Please if you got an eureka moment coming, state it so we can move on.
  16. TheDevilisaParttimer

    I freaking love you guys...

    Welcome to the forum patty, glad you’re having fun.
  17. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Uber Posts $5.2 Billion Loss and Slowest Ever Growth Rate

    I answered the question, just state what answer you was looking for.