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  1. osii

    Moving to the Eastern Shore

    I spent a few days in Crisfield. Couldn't see any of the cheaper homes so I need to go back and spend some more time there so I can get the listing agents to show me some stuff. Learned that flooding is a thing. This is probably why the prices seem low. It just means an extra $100 a month...
  2. osii

    Moving to the Eastern Shore

    I'm waiting for the end of the summer to buy a house when the prices go down and sellers start to get real. I have all my stuff in storage at my moms in SC. Going to be on the ground there by mid sept. Staying in the hamptons for now. Can't wait to get there and get some great crab. Looking...
  3. osii

    Uber is not worth driving in Phoenix last 3 weeks she complaint below

    So happy to be out of that place.
  4. osii

    Moving to the Eastern Shore

    Well, it finally happened, my house in AZ closed today and I'm headed to the eastern shore. I'm actually looking hard at crisfield. I see there is uber service but never any cars available. The way I look at it if I get 5 airport runs a week, I'm happy. I don't plan on driving full time...
  5. osii

    Show of hands....who's striking from the forum Wednesday?

    I'm only doing rides for unaccompanied minors going to school in the AM rush hour.
  6. osii

    Curious question about Lyft drivers

    There are tons of people with no credit renting cars driving exclusively for Lyft. I don't drive Lyft since I do mostly do XL and they don't have an XLonly filter in my market.
  7. osii

    Unbelievably obese woman got into my car today. Starts talking about ubereats right away.

    lost a brand new tire because of a whale. when it starts costing you money, you'll hit the cancel button and tell them to order an XL. If you want to weigh 2x the average person, you can pay 2x the fare.
  8. osii

    UBER is the best!

    Sounds like this guy never drives after 7pm. It's all fun and games until you get deactivated for false complaints.
  9. osii

    Quitting Uber and going rogue?

    well that didn't last long . . .
  10. osii

    I don't want to be on camera!

    just send them a text when you get the request.
  11. osii

    Quitting Uber and going rogue?

    I knew if I let this thread soak for a while I'd get some helpful responses.
  12. osii

    Quitting Uber and going rogue?

    It is unbelievable how many people have no self control and have to offer their non responsive opinions. I know the risks! I know the risks! I know the risks! I know the risks! I know the risks! I know the risks! Look, what most of you don't know is that you have no coverage from Uber either...
  13. osii

    Quitting Uber and going rogue?

    Again, I know the risks. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
  14. osii

    Quitting Uber and going rogue?

    HBD, I get these all the time. A lot of people don't want to wait for drivers who can't find them or all the drivers who are there are waiting for the big surge and not taking calls. There is no way they will be able to request you specifically through the ap cause there's tons of drivers...
  15. osii

    Quitting Uber and going rogue?

    It's like you didn't even read the post.
  16. osii

    Quitting Uber and going rogue?

    I've been doing this for 5 years. I know some parts in the NE are highly regulated and I'm pretty sure NYC is a no go.
  17. osii

    Quitting Uber and going rogue?

    I had a very interesting night last night. I pull up to the hockey arena after the first period. I can't even park and enjoy some tacos I brought when one of the security guys come running up to me and says "I got a guy here who's not feeling well and needs a ride home now." Long story short...
  18. osii

    Why would anyone drive this far for a pickup?

    Great Advice
  19. osii

    Fuber just robbed me!

    This is a new feature of the Uber driver ap. If you dispute the fare or call support, especially if it's a surge fare, they will adjust it down and actually pay you less. You have to spend an hour on the phone to get a supervisor and start to cry and then maybe they will adjust it properly.