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  1. amazinghl

    Would you 1* her, or 5* him?

    Did David tip, if so how much. That's all that matter to me for feedback.
  2. amazinghl

    Please help!!

    Do you have boost and/or promotion?
  3. amazinghl

    Drunks tip heavy Fri/Sat 8:00pm-2:30am

    The tip isn't impressive at all on average. But I do find 24 trips in less than 8 hours VERY impressive. That's averaging more than 3 trips per hour! That mans the restaurant OP goes to actually have food ready to go and OP isn't wasting time waiting for food! OP would be only making $16/hour...
  4. amazinghl

    About the super car

    Let me google that for you. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=nyc+uber+requirement
  5. amazinghl

    Toyota Venza

    In the Uber world, what WinterFlower said. In the car world, GLH stands for Goes Like Hell. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=glh+car Carroll Shelby made a Goes Like Hell Somemore based on the GLH.
  6. amazinghl

    Thank you for being stupid (no joke)

    This guy spend 6 hours on the road every day?
  7. amazinghl

    McDonald’s Orange Juice leaked all over my car!

    Just one spill will make you regret not spending $4.19 + tax to get one.
  8. amazinghl

    McDonald’s Orange Juice leaked all over my car!

    https://www.michaels.com/assorted-6-cup-caddy-with-handle-by-creatology/10554271.html 0 spill since. 1565961394 Looks nice, link?
  9. amazinghl

    First Day Back - Made Less Than Minimum Wage :-(

    Took maybe an hour to get my AZ license after moving here from CA.
  10. amazinghl

    First Day Back - Made Less Than Minimum Wage :-(

    Driver license? Easy peasy.
  11. amazinghl

    Random 2.2 surge

    I think "random" is part of definition of "surge". Expect surge/boost/promotion/whatever come and go randomly. Only the base rate stays the same, until Uber decide to lower it some more.
  12. amazinghl

    First Day Back - Made Less Than Minimum Wage :-(

    I'm curious, does she have dual citizenship?
  13. amazinghl

    Questions for Toyota Highlander with Captain Seats Drivers

    Very few if any people is going to drive a $40k car for share riding so they can get $3 per trip.
  14. amazinghl

    2013 overpriced Prius or 2017 reasonable Fusion Hybrid

    Neither. Find a $2000 car if you're going to use it for Uber/Lyft/DD/GH/etc Use $100 for pre-sale inspection and $900 for repair/maintenance. $2500/12days = $208.33 per day. Average of $208.33 per day after fuel I'm afraid is very difficult, unless you work 24 hours day on Fri, Sat and...
  15. amazinghl

    Delivering to NFL players

    Hotel paid for, tip zero.
  16. amazinghl

    Wrong way drivers

    There have been 1,088 wrong-way driver incidents so far in 2019, which is almost 100 more than the same time period last year, according to Gutier. Many of those were averted before a collision occurred, but as of Thursday, there have been 32 wrong-way driver collisions and 70 DUI arrests...
  17. amazinghl

    Former Driver turns Paxhole

    What an donkey. Hope he gets banned for life.
  18. amazinghl

    Surrounded by restaurants but UE keeps giving me 10-15 min. pickups

    They did this to "shorten" the wait time at the restaurant.
  19. amazinghl

    Feds release new airline guidance on emotional support animals

    If you need an emotional support animal, don't fly and go home as you'll be stressing out your emotional support animal.
  20. amazinghl

    Warm or cold milk 🥛??