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  1. CarpeNoctem

    Fares Spreadsheet

    Here is a spread of the Uber rates in the US as of 5/22. http://www.carpenoctemdfw.com/uber-us-190522.htm FWIW.
  2. CarpeNoctem

    IH635 East Project

    Construction is supposed to start sometime in August. It is going to be a nightmare but should be nice when it is finished.
  3. CarpeNoctem


    For any keyboard players, Plugin Boutique is having a sale on the complete Air instrument package. IMHO, the MiniGrand is a great sounding piano. The Velvet is a great EP and the DB33 a great drawbar organ. The DB33 also includes a Leslie vst effect plugin that can be used for any instrument...
  4. CarpeNoctem

    Removing a Pax

    I just found this. It smells like it is staged but it has something I have been curious about. If a PAX refuses to get out, can we physically remove them? I know this depends on the driver and pax but I'm 6'2 and 260, had some stints as a bouncer in biker bars, and some training with submission...
  5. CarpeNoctem

    Lyft Driver Carjacked

    http://www.fox4news.com/news/garland-pd-lyft-driver-carjacked-at-gunpoint-while-responding-to-ride I wonder if the Lyft insurance would pay for damages or for a total car replacement (if it was necessary)? Be safe out there!
  6. CarpeNoctem

    Now Playing

    Post whatever you are currently listening This is one of the songs from the in-game radio for Test Drive Unlimited 2.
  7. CarpeNoctem

    Anyone Else Watch Crash Videos?

    I like to watch them. Things can be learned from them. Like, if you ever see a Lada on the streets, get out of the car and run fast and run far. Something bad is about to happen. Kinda like a black cat crossing your path. :) But seriously, it always amazes me how you can see things start to...
  8. CarpeNoctem

    Sears Bankruptcy

    After 125+ years they are filing for bankruptcy. Way to go Lampert! What a genius you are... :p https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/sears-files-chapter-11-amid-plunging-sales-massive-58498980
  9. CarpeNoctem

    Texas Uber Driver Kidnapped

    Rider faces charges of aggravated robbery, resisting arrest and unauthorized used of a vehicle. https://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/crime/article219337750.html
  10. CarpeNoctem

    State Fair

    Good or bad?
  11. CarpeNoctem

    Airport Pickups and DF

    I'm curious. If I were to do trips from the airports, what is to keep uber/lyft from sticking me somewhere in Fort Worth (or beyond)? From what I can tell it is supposed to be first-in/first-out for the airport queues, making destinations the luck-of-the-draw, or do they still filter by the DF...
  12. CarpeNoctem

    Sign Advice

    I created my own sign. Is it too much? What do you all think? Sanitized for forum protection.
  13. CarpeNoctem

    Howdy From North Texas!

    Hi all. I am a new driver from the Dallas area. I've only done a handful of trips so far between Uber and Lyft and just for a little extra $. Driving a 2018 Black Ford Explorer. Anyway, lots of questions. There seems to be a lot of experience in this forum so that is good. I was initially...