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    Tlc consumer complaint for $1500?!?!?

    My uncle received this complaint from Tlc. Anyone ever get anything like this? Did you get a lawyer? It’s absolute complete bs that some random stranger could say anything and Tlc send you ridiculous summons. They gave him a settlement offer of 350 for one ticket. I guessing all the other will...
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    All these T8xxxx Hyundai’s

    So lately I've been seeing a whole lot of T79xxxx,T8xxxxx Hyundai Santa Fe and chevy Malibu's every where. It seemed like someone was handing them out for free in nyc. Then this past weekend I was in Philadelphia visiting friends and I saw at least 50 of them in Philadelphia. Sometimes multiple...
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    Time to roll up

    https://patch.com/new-york/new-york-city/nyc-businesses-may-be-banned-forcing-pot-tests-applicants Don’t know if it would count for Tlc drivers. Let’s see.
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    New Scam!?!

    I got a ping today in Staten Island after a drop off, I was in a good part of S.I near the ferry and ping was 5 mins away with a 5.0 rating. I never pick up 5.0 but I figured why not, it’s Staten Island. On my way there, literally 2 mins in I somehow end up in the hood. I had a bad feeling once...
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    Uber no longer paying surge for NYC trips from Newark

    It’s surging 2.3x at Newark and Uber Keeps sending me rides without a surge from Newark. It seems like rides going to nyc aren’t being charged a surge and drivers are not getting a surge ride either. It’s complete bs by Uber and another way for them to pick on nyc Tlc drivers.
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    Keep losing data connection

    I have a iPad for Uber, and iPhone Xs for lyft. My iPad keeps losing data connection, I need to put it in airplane mode to get it back. I thought maybe my iPad is getting messed up so I tried running Uber on my iPhone and same thing. Other people with t-mobile complained about the same thing...
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    New lyft driver app

    anyone get updated to a new lyft driver app? The accept screen changed, everything else looks the same. And they also took away 45+ long trip notifications. Anyone else having these issues?
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    Found guilty speeding 6 points

    I got found guilty today of a speeding ticket I received 2 years ago. It was the Verrazano approach in Staten Island, 70 in 40, but the speed limit posted was 50 on the approach and 45 on the bridge. The judge said he’s not allowed to look at phone picture and it has to be printed on paper...
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    Uber destination filter

    Anyone else having issues with Uber destinations?It used to let me filter after 9pm but lately I can only filter after midnight.
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    Tlc License Suspended After 4 Years

    I got a cellphone ticket back in 2013, in 2014 I plead guilty, paid $350 fine plus 3 points. I took a cellphone course at master cabbie. In September I got a letter, my license will be suspended in 10 days If I don’t take the cellphone course, which I took 4 years ago. I went to master cabbie...
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    It is happening...

    https://nypost.com/2018/11/13/waymo-plans-to-launch-self-driving-taxi-service-next-month/ Might be 3-10 years before it gets to nyc. But it should be enough time to get trained for a new career if you begin now. I think amazon might be hiring...
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    It's time to boycott Lyft

    First they take away destination filters Then they take away jersey to city trips Now they've decreased destination filters time limit to 15 minutes essentially making them more useless then before. Enough is enough with this horrible company. During peak hours we should all keep our lyfts...