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  1. Mr. T

    Uber driver let's rider drive, wakes up in a police chase.

    Can't fix stupid. http://www.12news.com/mb/news/uber-driver-naps-as-rider-leads-cops-on-chase/121939027 COLESVILLE, N.Y. — A sleepy Uber driver gave the keys to his passenger so he could nap and woke up in the middle of a police chase, authorities said. Juan Carlos, 20, of Bronx, N.Y., hired...
  2. Mr. T

    Are they really that desperate?

  3. Mr. T

    Uber is on drugs

    and this is why I stopped driving
  4. Mr. T

    Actually took a ride

    I've only taken 3 lyft rides before, and because my car is in the shop for a few days I needed to catch a ride home in a uber. This lady was all that was wrong with uber. 1. Had a purse and another bag on the drivers seat. 2. Mud all down the side of the car. 3. Grocerys in the back seat. She...
  5. Mr. T

    Uber driver arrested for alleged sexual assault of a minor in Scottsdale

  6. Mr. T

    Everyone that has worked the drunk crowd

    Knows how true this is.
  7. Mr. T

    Shooting victim calls uber to take him home

  8. Mr. T

    UBER/Lyft actually doing something good?!

  9. Mr. T

    TWD lyft

    Lyft is the first one to come out and just say we aren't real people
  10. Mr. T

    Kitten day

    Was thinking about working tonight, but uber had made up my mind for me. http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/40615291-story
  11. Mr. T

    Don't be this guy

  12. Mr. T

    Phoenix Office Location

    In case you want it
  13. Mr. T

    Rider with a gun.

    ***this is not to start a gun debate. I am pro gun, but I despise stupid gun owners*** Picked up a rider with baseball bag. Chit chatter along the way. Talked guns and whatever. He tells me he's going to a Halloween party. Cool whatever. As we get closer he says "you seem chill so i feel like...
  14. Mr. T


    Sooo when did uber open up in Prescott?
  15. Mr. T

    SRF going up

  16. Mr. T


    Totally forgot about it. Looks like it's going to be a shit show. Tooooons of traffic, drunks wondering around in the street, etc. *in tempe
  17. Mr. T

    3rd puker

    Well it was my 3rd puker ever tonight. My first one open the door and didn't make a mess. Then a few months later the second one got it on my door but it was raining so I didn't care. Then tonight some high school chick puked out the window, I thought it missed my car, but it didn't. Let's see...
  18. Mr. T

    West side

    FYI ASU hockey game at the coyotes stadium tonight
  19. Mr. T

    Tempe madness

    I was getting ready to go out, and decided not to. Man I'm glad I didn't. This will be just the beginning of Saturday night madness