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  1. Saltyoldman

    Pax deactivated, ordered ride for 17 yr old

    Title says it all, had a lady last night on Lyft say she was recently terminated from Uber. She just didn’t understand why?!?!?! Left me a 5$ spot though. Welcome to Lyft you naughty lady:)
  2. Saltyoldman

    Lime Bike

    Any thoughts on the affect lime bike in regards to ride share? Positive or negative
  3. Saltyoldman

    Anyone see the new Uber commercial?

    If so, any thoughts on the matter? Besides the fact that we paid for the hunk of crap.
  4. Saltyoldman

    Pax can now rate us mid trip on Uber

  5. Saltyoldman

    CNN doing a piece on Uber drivers and sexual assault right now

    Going to check it out
  6. Saltyoldman


    Is he okay? Havent seen him around in awhile.
  7. Saltyoldman

    Got a job

    still going to Uber!!
  8. Saltyoldman

    Pilot got his wings clipped

  9. Saltyoldman

    Little Miss Sunshine

    So I’m having a nice day, 65 degrees sunny, listening to Dub Reggae had great passengers making money and the kids are out of town for a week. Life is good right now!:cool: I get a ping on Lyft two minutes away Starbucks, instantly get a ping from Uber same location:rolleyes:. So I arrive...
  10. Saltyoldman

    Low ratings because of surge?

    Do you guys or girls feel your ratings drop due to surge prices?
  11. Saltyoldman

    Is the Uber herd thinning in your area?

    I have noticed the past month that it is consistently busier accompanied with 2x 3x surge, which hasn’t happened on your average night since Oct. 2016. Anyone else experiencing this?
  12. Saltyoldman


    So when you want to hand out we’ll deserved 1 stars and the app asks for a reason, then it says we will let your rider know. Do they just send them an e mail saying a driver wasn’t too stoked on your whatever? If so that sucks because it guarantees a low retaliatory rating, right?
  13. Saltyoldman

    Anyone watch the new episode of High Maintenance

    Had a great episode with the Uber experience, pool and all.
  14. Saltyoldman

    Passenger Farts then gives me 1*

    Had a pax on super bowl night. Had a 15 min ride and the last half mile he lets out a reastie fart apologizes then rolls down the window. Then my rating dropped right after that. He was wearing all Patriot gear and was obviously salty but come on man.
  15. Saltyoldman

    Top 3 favorite albums to listen to while driving

  16. Saltyoldman

    What’s the best advice you have gotten from UP

    Since I have started reading this site I have learned a few key tips and tricks that have really helped me out when driving. What is the most helpful thing you have learned from this site??
  17. Saltyoldman

    5 strikes on one ride

    pick up a lady at Wally World, cart full of groceries. Gets in and wants to go through Burger King drive thru. Get to drive thru window, uh oh I don’t have any cash and no card. Can you take me to bank across the street to get cash? Okay. Go back to Burger King then go to her apartment less...
  18. Saltyoldman

    First time rating pax 1 star

    Wow, I just picked up these two young ladies. The one in the front seat immediately starts to shiver saying whoo it’s cold, so I turn the heat on the lowest setting for her. Going out in a mini skirt when it’s 32 degrees( genius). Then she asks me if she can play music. 5 min ride. Sure, I...
  19. Saltyoldman

    Tipping pax. Uber vs. Lyft

  20. Saltyoldman

    Offered 2$ to let the 5th passenger ride in the trunk

    Do other drivers do this sort of thing?