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  1. Antvirus

    Which One Is Different From The Others? Politics And The Utilization Of Dead White Women

    https://710wor.iheart.com/content/2019-06-21-governor-murphy-signs-samis-law-to-improve-rideshare-safety/ https://www.inquirer.com/politics/new-jersey/governor-murphy-signs-bill-easing-limit-on-nj-sex-abuse-lawsuits-20190513.html...
  2. Antvirus


  3. Antvirus

    SUV On Fire I-76 6/15

    This was a surreal scene. Did anyone else see this? I snagged a few pics as I passed.
  4. Antvirus

    John? John?? Uhhh That's "Mr. John" To You Pal!!!

    I have many, many questions
  5. Antvirus

    Meet Your Future AI Drivers

    https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/ Best not to look it directly in the eyes...
  6. Antvirus

    Since Uber Pro Rolled Out In Philly

    Non Uber Pro Users: Have you noticed extended periods of downtime, multiple network errors and odd rider cancellations recently? My last three shifts have started out great. Out at 3 PM, $30-$40 per for the 1st four hours, perfectly synced pings. Then????? Silence.... I wonder if Uber is...
  7. Antvirus

    Quest In Philly This Week?

    Did anyone notice that this weeks Quest only runs through Friday at 4 AM? I wasn't paying attention when I made my choice on Sunday. Do you think they are going to release a weekend Quest? What's going on here?
  8. Antvirus

    Lost Item At Wells Fargo Center (76ers)

    I picked up this gentleman and his wife in Old City around 1pm today. He was one of those front runner Philadelphia fans that doesn't know jack shit about basketball and is clearly along for the ride. He had the Eastern Conference ALLLLL figured out. Here was his plan: Pax: "Well, we win today...
  9. Antvirus

    I Just Love How You Think Uber/Lyft Is Unique In Pounding You

    What company doesn't try to frack you? Unattainable bonuses, more hours with the same pay? This is real life and welcome to it @@@@@es. Uber and Lyft are not unique. Business owners will ALWAYS sense your comfort and make every attempt to cut a dollar at your expense. It's a story as old as...
  10. Antvirus

    Vehicle Inspection In Philadelphia

    My usual guy retired so I'm looking for an honest (or honest as humanly possible) place to get my ride inspected. Anyone have a go-to or great experience in the past? I'm located in the Fairmount/No Libs/CC area. Just trying to avoid getting bent over haha. Thanks folks.
  11. Antvirus

    Quest Haiku

    the ants leave their nest all awaken chase the quest the bank repossess
  12. Antvirus

    Penn Students I Want To Swerve Into At A High Speed But Legally Can't

    Penn Students. The elite. They walk in the middle of a busy intersection while optically conjoined with their Iphone +++ They say "yaaasss' "I'm living my best life" & brag about their Insta fans (LOL just kidding) "but like tots's seriously..." They are the future leaders of science, medicine...
  13. Antvirus

    Did anyone else get this Uber Pool Survey today? Reactions?

    I wouldn't know since I never accept them, but can I still pick the first open mouth frown face? I'd imagine the first face is asking the pool pax to turn off their FaceTime, put on deodorant and stop eating french fries.
  14. Antvirus

    Driver Destinations Payout

    I received $4.50 today for "Destinations Payout" This is way better than actually driving a passenger for full pay at the end of my shift!! The program is working!!!! http://instantrimshot.com/
  15. Antvirus

    Oh You Want To Add A New Debit Card To Your Account? Well Plan Accordingly....

    I just wanted to add a new debit card to my account. So I planned in advance knowing that it would be a complete shit show. Hmmmmm, I'll have time on Wednesday to visit the hub and fix the problem that doesn't exist yet. Maybe I'll get a car wash on the way home. Ok, my schedule is set, it's...
  16. Antvirus

    First Friday With Destination Fisting

    I worked 12:30 - 7:00 PM Made $200 I would normally look to stay out on the streets for a few more hours in order to scrape that extra $100 buuuuuut this Destination shit has forced me to go home, cook dinner for the lady and slam some classy tequila. My gf thanks you Uber. Well played. If she...
  17. Antvirus

    12 Large Boxes Headed To The Thrift Store (Uber X)

    I get a surged X request in CC at 16th & Spruce. I pull up and this sweet older woman named Joan gives me the circular fist, roll down your window because I need to speak to you, type motion. I oblige and ask, "Hi, how can I help you?" The following conversation went something like this: Joan...
  18. Antvirus

    Uber App "Bug" After Complaining About Missing Bonus Pay

    Anyone else experience this recently? I've yet to be paid for 5 Consecutive Trip Promotions since the beginning of February. After the BS auto replies from support, I finally received a human-like email confirming that I qualified for all 5 of the missing payments. The email stated that I...
  19. Antvirus

    Beautiful Long Haul

    Pax requests from a gated community No location No exact building Didn't realize he needed to grant me access through the gate After 15 minutes of roaming around the complex I finally found him Trip is 1.3 miles "Thanks for picking us up in this weather" he says After I hit I76 I replied "oops...