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  1. Clarity

    Cop Stopped Me on "Love Lane" ♥

    🤭 🤣
  2. Clarity

    It’s the little things that make me happy

    Awesome 🎊 would be nice to have that experience on rt 9 S
  3. Clarity

    Cop Stopped Me on "Love Lane" ♥

    Chill out dude. It's a humor based post. You're taking it way too seriously.
  4. Clarity

    Cop Stopped Me on "Love Lane" ♥

    Given his tone when he spoke to me, I wouldn’t rule it out
  5. Clarity

    Cop Stopped Me on "Love Lane" ♥

    It was about 2am and I was driving away from a closed gas station on my way to an open one. As I was driving, I noticed a cop was following me. At first I was terrified wondering why on earth is this cop following me? I'm just looking for a gas station. Eventually he turned on some white light...
  6. Clarity

    I’m not tipping unless a driver gives me 5 stars

    Just letting you know I understand where you're coming from. I enjoy driving so I see tips as the icing on the cake. If I get it, awesome. If not, it's all good. I don't even pay much attention to tips or direct the conversation to it at all unless they bring it up. It's just too awkward for me...
  7. Clarity

    What music during trips?

    I play a variety of music from my Spotify playlists ranging from chillout, rock, 80s, electronic, old school hip hop, etc. I try to use good judgment when I look at the pax and hear them talk. Electro-chillout/lounge or smooth jazz is usually the default since it's relaxing. If the ride is less...
  8. Clarity

    💺 Can i sit in the F-R-O-N-T seat?

    I always keep my purse and jacket on the passenger seat so people know not to sit there unless the backseats are full. If pax is hot and he’s the only one and asks me then I may make an exception.
  9. Clarity

    I despise 7/11s

    I usually stick with Wawa or Quickcheck. Their bathrooms are usually working. Wawa always has bathrooms. Quickcheck is hit or miss.
  10. Clarity

    Did I earn this 1 star?

    I would have canceled the ride right after he said that. You gotta have your own back and work those self-respect reflexes quicker. I had a similar situation last night. As soon as I overhead pax mutter something under his breath and also noticed tension between him and his girlfriend, I told...
  11. Clarity


    Today is probably a good day because it’s still considered July 4th weekend so there’s probably still fireworks happening. Last night I got a lot of rides in Keyport and Sea Bright and around those areas. I personally avoid Asbury drop offs before 12am because once I get there most of the rides...
  12. Clarity

    dts in a cash cow

    Destination mode is actually working??
  13. Clarity

    What I do when pax use their phone with the volume up

    That was a regular ride.
  14. Clarity

    MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY 07960! Is this the New KING of Uber SURGE?!

    Morristown is one my favorite areas to rideshare. Usually always busy when I go up there.
  15. Clarity

    What I do when pax use their phone with the volume up

    I'm guilty of this. I'll keep that in mind. I don't think my music is that loud at gas stations but I'll make sure to lower it even more. The other day I was outside the supermarket and this guy opened the door to his business van and the music was so loud it sounded like the inside of a club...
  16. Clarity

    What I do when pax use their phone with the volume up

    Yeah I know. Lately I haven't been accepting POOL or Shared rides. If I do and this garbage goes down, I'm still turning off the music. 1562004136 I can understand if it's at a beach or park. It's the ones who walk around the streets, stores, subways, etc and a lot of times it doesn't even...
  17. Clarity

    What I do when pax use their phone with the volume up

    The other night pax was going through their social media stories with the volume turned all the way up. I was so annoyed that I just turned my music off. I purposefully made the situation more awkward. Everyone in the car had to listen to that person's phone along with awkward silence. One of...
  18. Clarity

    Ever DESERVE a 1* or lower rating

    If that's true I'm not surprised 1561744554 I thought pax can't rate you if the ride was canceled?
  19. Clarity

    Ever DESERVE a 1* or lower rating

    Yeah I think one time it happened when I missed a turn too. Ever since that happened I always watch the miles counting down as the next exit or road comes. When it gets to feet or less than .5 miles then I know it’s veey close.
  20. Clarity

    Always confirm you have the correct passenger, English characters would be nice

    If I can’t say their name I’ll just say the street name I’m dropping them off at in question form. Only downfall is I can’t do that until I start the ride so if it’s the wrong person and the right person is a no show then that sucks for cancelation rate.