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  1. J

    Routes under $80 = Not worth it

    Yeah I can see why. It takes 6 hours to get from one side of the metro to the other.
  2. J

    Routes under $80 = Not worth it

    Anybody will do a job if its worth doing. The only difference between the routes is the pay. I've had 5 hour routes that take 3 hours and 3 hour routes that take 5 hours. So I'll do it for 5 hours pay but not for 3 hours pay.
  3. J

    Routes under $80 = Not worth it

    Yeah. Well I got that route again. Two days in a row. Had I drove the prius I would had likely lost a hundred bucks to get winched out of a dirt trail by a 4x4... That is if and when it could actually get there. And, provided Verizon service even works. I've had to use customer wifi on...
  4. J

    Is Jacksonville profitable?

    I dont know about that. Imagine trying to live in nyc on 17 an hour. It would take 100 hours a week to make it after gas and expenses. The drivers in Jacksonville don't make much but its grown significantly, where you can now get rides in all areas of town. You can gross 17 an hour here and...
  5. J


    Because they realized they never did your first background check to begin with.
  6. J

    Routes under $80 = Not worth it

    After 6 months or so I've finally figured out how easily 18-25$ an hour turns into less than minimum wage. Last 2 days of prime routes were only offering $60, which I passed on because I suspected they were simply trying to overwork the drivers, and I was not disappointed. Today there were...
  7. J

    Question about changing region/warehouse

    Yeah. I haven't gotten any this week either. Last 2 weeks I had 4-5 hr blocks every day.
  8. J

    Unattempted Deliveries

    It happens. I've returned 10 packages before. Once it nears the end of the route and youve still got a ton left, mark them as will be too late and return them. If its only going slightly over then you should always finish. We get alot of routes like that but alot of times its just the app...
  9. J

    Does Large blocks every surge?

    You put a van on and you get reserved blocks for a couple weeks then it goes back to normal. They still have mostly 3-4 hour afternoon routes which are sometimes just underpaid 5 hour routes.
  10. J

    Does Large blocks every surge?

    On holidays or if the weather is bad. Otherwise not often.
  11. J

    Is Rideshare Recession Proof

    I can tell you from the taxi days that ride demand is a leading indicator. It really goes down leading into a recession, and quickly recovers as people who lost jobs start selling their cars or not buying cars they dont need and buy cheap rides instead. What is not recession proof is...
  12. J

    Have a realtor license?

    No you're ruining the scam if you actually got paid something then it wouldn't be worth while for them to scam you
  13. J

    Have a realtor license?

    You're offering mileage but no wait time. So you want to pay a driver 5-10$ to show a home basically and sit there unpaid while its being shown. Then the listing agent will make 3-10k when the house sells but passed off all the gruntwork labor for free. 100 bucks yeah not a scam at all. If a...
  14. J

    Have a realtor license?

    Sure, $100 "if the home sells". Otherwise nothing and working for free, not that $100 is even 1920's wages for selling a home. Good luck to you and your scam operation.
  15. J

    New to Amazon Flex

    Start your own thread than and talk about it there. If you read what the original poster said it was in regards to a specific area. Not anywhere usa because of course everywhere is different.
  16. J

    Where will society be in 10 to 20 years.

    They already have the technology to maintain our life expectancy as activity declines. Ride around scooters, blood pressure medications, diabetes medications, pretty much everyone will be on 10 or 20 drugs to make up for healthy living.
  17. J

    New to Amazon Flex

    Right. We were talking specifically about the largest city in the contiguous United states. Come here and try that theory and get back to us on it.
  18. J

    Amazon Delivery Drivers Now Required To Take Selfies

    Its for prime now because its self service, noone scans your id. For flex they scan your id.
  19. J

    Uber eats in Jacksonville

    Nowhere. You're in the worst possible areas for traffic, distances and travel times, plus you're talking about uber eats. I would feel better about myself doing charity work for those who actually deserve it.
  20. J

    New to Amazon Flex

    I had one route at the beach. Its usually orange park, middleburg, or way westside off I 10. Today they sent me to Georgia and Baldwin in the same day. They keep the close routes for their big contract vans. They can fill those things up and knock out hundreds of packages fast and cheap...