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  1. Nazmul

    Aspiring Uber driver

    Brother these ppl are sick living in car 24/7. They don't have anything else to do beside trolling, Hardly anyone will be given advice best is to call or visit Uber they'll guide you step by steps. Thanks In the meantime, you could easily signup for Uber eat and delivero for food delivery...
  2. Nazmul

    Any car wash in eastlondon?

    True seems like this brothers got brainwashed by Uber. 1561281485 Too far mate anyone jazakallah
  3. Nazmul

    Any car wash in eastlondon?

    Hi can anyone recommend me any car wash in east London that provides recipes stamps for Uber. *i have been rejected by Uber servel time for claiming customer mass cleaning because the car wash didn't have stamps. Thanks
  4. Nazmul

    New player in town

    Lol, joined in thinking I don't wanna miss out like keptan an via an. Payment is not bad but 2hours of online got only a trip not worth it. It's been less than a day but they already have glitches, an seems like they don't have enough drivers had to extend the bonuses.
  5. Nazmul

    earnings delay

    Yep same ere
  6. Nazmul

    TFL Vehicle Inspection

    More than hour plus finally got response got appointed after 3weeks from now 1556883052 Someone should report this b..tads an bit..es
  7. Nazmul

    TFL Vehicle Inspection

    Any advise brothers this ppl taking piss 1556872192
  8. Nazmul

    Requirements of private hire vehicle (PHV) licence

    shut the f up 1556452148 got quote for £400 plus
  9. Nazmul

    Requirements of private hire vehicle (PHV) licence

    Im renewing my phv licence for first-time have really good dent on front wing is it acceptable.
  10. Nazmul

    Uber income going really low any alternative anyone

    Sounds good I'm in
  11. Nazmul

    Uber income going really low any alternative anyone

    # whats about viavan #an other companies how are they going
  12. Nazmul


    True said mate
  13. Nazmul

    Relationship advice from behind the wheel.

  14. Nazmul

    What to invest 20k in?

    ......Do as I did plus your research.... *buy some stocks pays good dividend like(hsbc, shell, bp, others *buy some funds (see Hargreaves Lansdown im with them for about 5yrs)
  15. Nazmul

    Don’t Put Your Gig Economy Experience on Your Resume

    Mate its hard to find spouse with uber job
  16. Nazmul

    Dodgy passenger, what would you have done?

    Similar story happened to me some low class my Indian family one extra ppl. Other time threatening bout ratings by 2 arab prick coz I didn't let them smoke in my car. BUT main frustrating thing is uber just sends you auto response with " thank you for staying professional blaa bla bullshit int...
  17. Nazmul

    Mywhip Lol

    true said mate. Thanks I was about to sign up
  18. Nazmul

    Uber fare increase 15p extra per mile

    600miles a week with customer are you sure?
  19. Nazmul


    Good one
  20. Nazmul

    Real mpg

    Is my mpg normal for brand-new prius active