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  1. Kodyhead

    Uber 12 driving time

    Anyone else having issues? Its impossible I used 12 hours of driving time today as I got back from vacation yesterday. After I got the 2 hour warning I had a 45+ trip on Lyft, went offline on uber and then was left with about 8 mins left which got depleted while parked. Also even though I...
  2. Kodyhead

    Uber support

    Everyone knows after a few issues that it takes at least 6 times going back and forth with any issue. The last issue took about 20 times going back and forth with 15 of them just sending a reply back with no response after they finally solved the issue. So from now on I will just reply back...
  3. Kodyhead

    Cannot end lyft ride lol

    Anyone else having issues? Click confirm drop off and it goes right back to the active trip
  4. Kodyhead

    Patriots owner robert kraft deflates balls

    Was gonna post this in the wpb forum but that places is like myspace. With the thousands of massage places we have its amazing a billionaire cant resist the dollar menu of hookers lol 1550865892 They say there is someone more famous........
  5. Kodyhead

    Donna's restaurant at fll

    One of my favorite jamaican restaurants appears to have set up a food truck at terminal 4 at the end where the police and tsa are parked. I assume there are feeding the furloughed workers for free. Also looking for recommendations for other great jamaican restaurants cause I am a pig lol
  6. Kodyhead

    FLOREDUH high season rants

    I tried to kill the mother queen, but one of the scooters shot my face with some kind of crab looking thing and passed out for a few hours. Now I feel like something is gonna burst from my stomach. If you never seen any of the aliens movies or joined an anti-scooter militia like me this won't...
  7. Kodyhead

    Supreme Court turns down Uber records case

  8. Kodyhead

    Do you think your market is saturated

    Beat me lol. Show me your hand or fold lol
  9. Kodyhead

    Surgechaser and new surge system

    My year subscription ran out a few months ago and debating if I should renew, does anyone have surgechaser and paid for the extra stuff? Does it let you set parameters for areas in dollar amounts now or still the 1.2, 1.8 2.0 etc system and has there been any difference before and after major...
  10. Kodyhead

    Mega millions jackpot 1 billion what would you do?

    For me its about the day dreaming of what to do with all that money. I would like an entourage of midgets or dwarfs everywhere I go, and to spend it as quickly as possible and be on one of those shows of people who wasted all that money and now owes the IRS 1 billion
  11. Kodyhead

    Awesome story about fake accounts for Lyft and uber

    Saw this in the news section and got a little chubby lol https://uberpeople.net/threads/undercover-investigation-new-scam-puts-unchecked-rideshare-drivers-behind-the-wheel.285047/#post-4323998...
  12. Kodyhead

    Hialeah taco bell

    Hialeah Taco Bell employee fired for refusing to take order from customer who doesn’t speak Spanish HIALEAH, FLA. (WSVN) - A Hialeah Taco Bell employee is now out of a job after a customer’s video went viral online. Alexandria Montgomery told 7News she was trying to place an order at the...
  13. Kodyhead

    Sway nightclub and Who is America?

    Some good conversation material for Fort Lauderdale drivers Sasha Baron Cohen aka Borat, Bruno from one of my all time favorite shows Da Ali G show has a new show WHO IS AMERICA? I just binge watched all the episodes and some interesting local facts as he was here locally DJing at Sway Night...
  14. Kodyhead

    Uber spam

    And another one
  15. Kodyhead

    GOOD ONE Uber lol you got me lol

    So its been a week as a full time driver using the "new app" and basically think I am comfortable with the new app as i was with the old app. I had some critical things that I couldn't stand about the new app and also some feed back about the things I think are a bad idea. Main screen I hit...
  16. Kodyhead

    WARNING disturbing LYFT pic

    I threw up and have an uncontrollable nose bleed after seeing this
  17. Kodyhead

    Lyft 6 hour break

    As a full time luxsuv driver I work a lot of hours as rides are rare on uber and non existent on lyft. I will not do any Lyft rides and I honestly would rather slap my mother than allow a SHARED rider in my luxsuv Say what you want about uber but they make it clear how much driving time you...
  18. Kodyhead

    Why do drivers In the i95 Express lane.....

    Drive 50 mph when it's a single lane, but as soon as it opens up to 2 lanes, that cars goes 85mph?
  19. Kodyhead

    Great news story from LA

  20. Kodyhead

    Great news story from LA

    https://uberpeople.net/threads/can’t-stop-watching-this.274818/#post-4169412 My nipples got hard