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  1. David Black

    What's your funny story!?

    I picked up a spoiled rich brat from PHL airport (You know the type; daddy's girl) and took her to NJ, About 2 hours drive. 5 Minutes through traffic out of the airport and I noticed that I'm out of gas. We were just stuck in traffic and weren't moving at all. Silly me, I tried to be nice and...
  2. David Black

    America runs on booze and ....

    I would love to see Uber enforcing registration through a verification process for passengers where no child under 18 is allowed to use or sign up on the app. scanning their driver license like we do would suffice! Then again, they'll lose out of big money for sure! It seems that everyone who...
  3. David Black

    No more ratings & reviews!

    Anyone else having a problem seeing new ratings and reviews? After I updated to the new app I only see the last 500 reviews. Thanks for letting me know
  4. David Black

    Colleges are back in session!

    Went out for a drive last night around 8PM and the Uber app couldn't stop beeping and surging the entire time around my neighborhood! Made around $200 in less than 4 hours! If you want to make some good money please come to Villanova University Surroundings; I feel that we all should help each...
  5. David Black

    Longest ride

    Just curious, what's the longest ride you had to do with Uber?
  6. David Black


    Will someone PLEASE tell me where the freakin' restrooms are at the Airport without "getting" in and paying a fortune for parking, or getting a ticket parking on the side? May you be blessed with a fortune tip! :D
  7. David Black

    Creepy Experience - Safety Concern!

    I just picked up a guy that wouldn't say a damn word to me, not even confirm his name or anything; the entire ride he was starring at me and gave me the creeps! I thought for sure he was gonna murder me when I wasn't looking! When he exited my car, he slammed the door as hard as he could and...
  8. David Black

    Philly Gas Prices

    My Philly peeps, Any advises on how to get good deal on gas, especially that we pump so much of it! What's your strategy? Yes, go ahead and be a smarty pants! Happy Ubering...
  9. David Black

    2 Months thoughts!

    I have been driving for Uber for about two months now and I have a few comments to make; not sure if everyone feels the same way! 1) Way too many Uber drivers in Philly :confused: 2) Friday nights, Saturdays and part of Sundays are most profitable 3) Monday is DEAD 4) Passengers are amazing...
  10. David Black

    Looking for some advice!

    Hello everyone, Thank you for such an awesome forum and the opportunity to share some of our stories driving for Uber. I am new to Uber and I would like to get to know all of my Philly fans! I picked up some kids last night (4 of them) from Springfield to drop them off at the Chester Casino on...