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  1. Perrier

    How to get 5 stars and badges every single time.

    Hello Ubers. I am a VIP passenger from NYC and take Uber everywhere I go. Lately I've noticed an influx of below average - poor Ubers. Honestly, the last time I had an Uber who warranted 5 stars was a week ago. Below are some suggestions on how to improve your ratings to get matched with more...
  2. Perrier

    My driver made me late to my appointment!

    This happened on Friday. I had a doctor's appointment after work and took Uber service from Downtown Brooklyn to Mill Basin. The estimated arrival time was half hour and this is how the story unfolds: The Uber (Toyota Camry) arrives promptly and I get in the front. I tell the driver that I'm...
  3. Perrier

    How to be a Good Uber in NYC

    Hello, dear Ubers. I am a VIP passenger who takes Uber everywhere I go. I work 60 hours per week and tend to go out, so the Uber app is my most used app. In the last month I've taken over 100 rides and I have some suggestions for the drivers to maximize their ratings. 1. Do NOT milk rides...
  4. Perrier

    Tips on Getting Tips

    Hello dear ubers. I've been using uber in New York City for the past year (we always get promo codes and I've had uber pass for two consecutive months) and I wanted to share some free tips for uber drivers in order to get tips from passengers. 1) Treat every pax with equal respect. This is the...