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    Hudson County last night

    Wasn't too bad, garbage trucks were out in full force around 10pm so some of the one way streets were traps. All in all I think a lot of the event traffic let up after an hour.
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    Hudson County last night

    In comparison to the $5 or $20 I would have made? You bet.
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    Hudson County last night

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    Hudson County last night

    I know the hate Hudson county gets, but I appreciate the few rides I get from there that take me ways away (For example, I had a Hoboken ride yesterday take me just near the NY state border, that was a nice chunk of change). There's still the obvious crappy short rides but these two from...
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    Trip Issues

    Phone restarted on me twice during my ONLY TWO long premium pickups tonight. Once going to the Metlife for an event pickup, which prevented me from meeting up with the pax for a good 5 minutes. Was in West NY, JC and Hoboken, no issues getting pings tonight.
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    2x surge at Metlife tonight and tomorrow night

    I'm stuck in the MetLife traffic just to get out, got the request for 2.8x surge, accepted the ride at 11:07pm and I just picked up pax 5 minutes ago. Gods speed everyone.
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    Shouldn't have accepted, did it anyway.

    Had it not been for surge, I dont think I would have taken them.
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    Shouldn't have accepted, did it anyway.

    I had just gotten out of an appointment around 3:50PM in Montclair, as soon as I turn on Uber, I get a 4.79* 45+min trip with 1.5x surge. Something in the back of my mind was saying I shouldn't have accepted seeing as it might be a NYC trip, but I did it anyway. Long story short, the trip was...
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    Uber pro diamond

    After the third day of the Beta being released, I got the popup in my app about 3% for Plat. I messaged Uber asking if the rides I've done since the 1st would be adjusted accordingly. I got back some BS about how they removed the extra % in lieu of "better quest promotions so that the drivers...
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    Children and seats

    Forgive my ignorance, but you set your destination to go North? Did you enter a specific area/address? I'm just curious as I hate having to enter in a specific area when I'm actually willing to go further than that. Also only having 2 destination trips a day is a huge bummer.
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    Uber cheating me out of Lincoln Tunnel Toll

    The exact same thing happened to me. Picked up a pax from near Morristown and drove him into NYC. The app was acting weird mid way so I switched over to Google Maps, after the drop off it took around 5 minutes to end the trip due to the app acting up. Fought with Uber support for 3 days since...
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    Screw EWR queue

    Not harsh at all, I appreciate the criticism and I absolutely realize it was a lesson learned situation. I've since been back to EWR a few times and have only stuck around 2 minutes for a bounced trip which have been fairly decent in distance.
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    Screw EWR queue

    You know what? No. I'm plat and for some reason the TWO rides I did yesterday, neither of them showed me direction or time before accepting them. Ended up calling Uber support after seeing that and was given some general BS about my acceptance rating needing to be 85% (Mind you, I average...
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    Screw EWR queue

    After the first hour I was commited, I can be a little stubborn honestly. When I was there the first time, I kept getting rebound pings and pings from the nearby mall, I guess something in my head was telling me to wait it out for one of those. On a positive note, it was the first time seeing...
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    Screw EWR queue

    Before I get comments stating I should know better, I did, or at the very least I thought I did reading some of the stories of EWR on this forum. This was my second time at the rideshare lot, the first being around midnight. I spent 2.5hrs in the afternoon waiting for a ride behind 90 drivers...
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    Funny you say that and I'm a newish driver just up the block from Foodtown. 😂
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    Finally pro for everyone

    See below requirements from their site info: -Keep your star rating at 4.85 or above -Maintain a cancellation rate at 4% or below (if you cancel at the pickup location due to safety concerns, it won’t affect your rate) -Maintain an acceptance rate of 85% or higher Received the welcome email...
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    Gas price regular $2.95 per gallon at Exxon.

    IN TOWN prices, it was ridiculous.
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    Gas price regular $2.95 per gallon at Exxon.

    I was out west near Bernardsville yesterday and desperately needed gas, I was a fool to not have filled up closer to home (Bergen County area). Ended up spending $3.40 a gallon at an Exxon and that was after seeing $3.80 AND $4.00 at two different stations.
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    Toll reimbursement

    Hey all, First post here, hope everyone is doing well. Long story short, I got a request for a ride out in Madison, NJ to go to NYC. I'm fairly sure I passed 1 toll on i78 and then the Holland Tunnel toll, neither of which the app shows I was reimbursed for in the fare details. Reached out to...