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  1. Anong

    Can someone tell me what the standard deduction is per mile?

    Here are the wages and the mileage. Your mileages will vary. Now question. Do I have to pay tax or nah?
  2. Anong

    Uber charging me 33.7%-48.2% commission. When did this happen?

    Is this the norm for everyone else? For example...
  3. Anong

    Gorgeous "human resource manager" unable to handle the "work load" of two

    Did I tell you about the woman who is being used to train the person that will become her boss even though the person she is training can't handle her job that she already has. Positive aspect of this is the woman got a 5k raise and she doesn't know that she will be out of a job next year...
  4. Anong

    Don't be an Uber fool like me

    Uber caught me slipping yet again. I really need to start cancelling pools or not accepting another trip when I take one. Pics... Uber ends up making almost 50% off of me. I also see that Ubers service fee went up again. From 1.95 to 2.25. I'm an idiot for taking these Uber pool rides and not...
  5. Anong

    Toyota prius is the only car you should be ubering in

    A low estimated five-year cost of 47 cents per mile pushed the Toyota Prius to the top of the list. If that's the average then my God, Uber is paying us 60c per mile and 55 cent on pool. We are only really making 13 cents to 8 cents per mile on pool. To those people who claim otherwise there...
  6. Anong

    This isn't a pay increase. They are simply trading your protection for 4 cents per mile.

    Now, does anyone know if it's more cost efficient and thus a better deal to opt in the driver protection or take the 4 cents per mile? I don't want people thinking Uber gave us a pay increase when they took something away that was either 1. Always there to begin with or 2. Has a higher value...
  7. Anong

    This can't be right

    Uber is taking $42 dollars from the pax on this trip yet the driver only gets $23.55 after ubers cut. In reality we are probably getting a straight $20 after car wear and tear. $31.4 is what we get before Uber's cut and that doesn't explain the other $10.6 dollars that goes right into Uber's...
  8. Anong

    No surge on a Friday night?

  9. Anong

    Uber is hiding the pool wage mi/min from us

    Notice that in the screenshot of the Uber x ride the calculation is being shown and on the pool it's not. Why is this? It seems like I'm putting double the mileage ( 8 more miles) on my car and only making 2 extra dollars.
  10. Anong

    Upfront pricing to marta vs my wages

    Uber is essentially subsidizing the Marta pool rides and no wonder I've been picking up and dropping off pax to and from Marta stations. Not bad Uber, not bad at all. Uber actually pays me the entire share of what the pax pays with the upfront pricing because it would take 13mi / 28min and...
  11. Anong

    Something doesn't look right with these trip fares...

    Yeah, I know it's pool but the people caught me slipping on these two.
  12. Anong

    Does the airport/SunTrust queue kill surge?

    I've wondered this for a while now. Is it true? If so, are the drivers that wait in the queue shooting themselves in the foot because they aren't able to get surge pricing due to many Uber/Lyft drivers already in the area?
  13. Anong

    I <3 coke pax

    They are so awesome. In more ways than one. I also have a shout out to those sexy drunk latinas that I drove to some club. Let's just say rewarded me by doing that thing they do in New Orleans. It not Cinco de mayo.. its that other event that happens with the beads... But I couldn't give them...
  14. Anong

    Uber app is becoming more of a battery drain

    It's draining more than Waze and that's crazy. What about you guys? Do you notice a decrease in battery life due to Uber driver?
  15. Anong

    Airport sitters. This is for you.

    How much do you make by dead heading ( or not) to the airport and sitting in the queue and doubling back after you drop off pax?
  16. Anong

    Android users... We have Uber driver navigation now

    That is all
  17. Anong

    I try not to be negative but when...

    I see the earnings I made from yesterday it just doesn't look right. People that do only Uberx, do you typically get 13 -15 dollars an hour after gas expense and Uber fee? That's what I get on average but is this hourly on par with the average Uber driver?
  18. Anong

    Anyone able to opt out of the pool while being on Uberx only?

    The only ones that have been successful we're the people that drive select and above right? Has there been anyone successful in opting out of the pool while being only on their uberx platform?
  19. Anong

    Uber pool idea for turning the fool into cool

    Uber should give the drivers .68 c per mile and .10 c per minute PER pickup. I believe that if Uber give us this then drivers wouldn't mind picking up additional passengers because it would be similar to getting surge.
  20. Anong

    Is it true...

    That we pay the Uber commission fees including booking fees too by using our own standard mileage deduction?