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  1. d1ulove

    Life before Ants

    how do you know that she's a Filipina? did you talk to her? any markings of Philippine Flag on her car? most asian looks the same like philippines Thailand camboadia Malaysia Vietnam some Chinese you never know unless they speak their native language.
  2. d1ulove

    Uber eats full time

    are you in Canada? If yea are you allow to work 50 hours per week?
  3. d1ulove

    Brampton drivers

    That's Brampton.
  4. d1ulove

    Brampton crash leaves one person dead

    There is always a cruiser speed trap on that area.
  5. d1ulove

    Too busy. Nonstop pings!

    On long Weekend! enjoy it will supply last.
  6. d1ulove

    So who's gonna join the UFCW? [UNION THREAD]

    UCFW is our Union in my work place. they are not good! they only care about employee dues.
  7. d1ulove

    So who's gonna join the UFCW? [UNION THREAD]

    that's our union at work it's a useless union.
  8. d1ulove

    City of Brampton ByLaw Inspection

    No idea I was there for jogging, not driving uber. may be they just doing it there at the park. I saw the driver no passenger on it may be the inspector booked it.
  9. d1ulove

    City of Brampton ByLaw Inspection

    I saw they check papers documents all the lights.
  10. d1ulove

    City of Brampton ByLaw Inspection

    Today saw City of Brampton doing inspection on Uber Car. Bramalea and Central Park.
  11. d1ulove

    what will you do when uber stops giving out quests

    Time to say goodbye.
  12. d1ulove

    I Am Stuck in Hamilton - What is a Good Strategy For this Situation?

    drive back empty or wait till you get another pax going to toronto.
  13. d1ulove

    Electric Vehicle [Federal] Incentive $5K Starts May 1, 2019

    Thinking of buying EV car, but how much really I will save? The the only thing I fear is battery well I was driving a forklift same concept of an EV almost every year they replace the battery because of on and off to the charging station. Anyone have more experience on EV? Thanks,
  14. d1ulove

    Downtown to Peterborough. Bam.

    Nice! the only problem is going way back. If you get pax going back was a good trip.
  15. d1ulove

    How is doordash and Skip the Dishes?

    Doing both UE and STD I'm using only the skip bag.
  16. d1ulove

    Lyft has Airport rematch

    Never had airport rematch, just dropped pax a while ago at Terminal 1 never had a rematch.
  17. d1ulove

    Threre's a parking garage across the street

    For me no parking no delivery, either come out and pick it up. Or else no food delivery.
  18. d1ulove

    The "What would you do?" Thread

    I will go home that's the sign of end of the shift for me.
  19. d1ulove

    Hyundai Kona -- EV

    my next uber car!