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  1. UberDrew

    Need a good tax person

    Looking for recommendations. I'm in the king of Prussia area. I meed someone to do my taxes for last year, and server years before that where I didn't file. Any recommendations?
  2. UberDrew

    What happened to quests?

    Since ribs stopped driving I've noticed it's selection default quests for me. And it's like 50 trips for 15 dollars. What the @@@@.
  3. UberDrew

    I retired - biggest regret

    Biggest regret, besides doing this for a year, is that I never got entertaining driver :(
  4. UberDrew


    I picked up a stripper from just enuff lounge. She was a 4.7..only going to the crown plaza around the corner. If your familiar with just enuff there is a narrow road that leads to it. To turn around you have to pull in to the lot across the street and turn around there. As I'm pulling in to...
  5. UberDrew

    Uber rips off pax, threatens to adjust my earning

    So this was an eight mile trip. It started in a part for KOP where the app often mistakenly things the pax is on the turnpike and Uber app adds about 15 miles to the estimate. When I started the trip it said 22 miles then quickly adjusted to 8. I argued with phone support for about 15 minutes...
  6. UberDrew


    Am I the only one that didn't see this at all?
  7. UberDrew

    Hillariously failed new surge

    So this morning, Christmas, I'm out and it looks like I'm the only ant around. Ambler is surging and I'm about ten minutes away. As inhead there (I'm offline) the surge cloud shrinks. Also it dropped to 5 from 15. As I get closer it shrinks again..2.50. I go online just to verify it's the real...
  8. UberDrew

    Support says we have to take long trips

    I was just on the phone with support because a user in another Uber forum recently reported getting in trouble for canceling a trip based on destination. Support confirmed that we will get in trouble. I complained about the fact that inoose monry on new york trips since I can't pick people up...
  9. UberDrew

    No quest this week

    Am sad :(
  10. UberDrew

    Work stoppage

    https://www.nhregister.com/business/article/Connecticut-ride-sharing-drivers-urging-one-day-13475987.php We need something like this here.
  11. UberDrew

    Montco is dead this morning

    Way too long between pings. Lots of cars on the map in the Uber app. I'm assuming these are mostly seasonal drivers trying to get money for Christmas.
  12. UberDrew

    That surge tonight

    They weren't all great but I think I had surge on 90% of my rides. And phoenixville is on fire right now.
  13. UberDrew

    Weird surge at PHL

    I was in the neighborhood, queue was empty and there was a 12 dollar surge so I drove here. Went online and now I have an eleven dollar surge attached to me but there are 51-55 cars ahead of me. Why is there still surge if there are 50 cars in the queue?
  14. UberDrew

    One person per seat belt - one starred

    Tonight 6 people pile in to my car. I pull over and explain that I can only take four people. After some arguing two get out. Later I get in starred. Support doesn't give a @@@@. Lesson learned. Next time the trip will be canceled and they will all get out.
  15. UberDrew

    Cell phone carrier and coverage

    Hello, I've been with Verizon since I can rember. Tried switching to ATT back around 2008 and instantly regretted it and switched back to Verizon, eating the early termination fee. Now that I'm a poor Uber driver I'm reevaluating which carrier to sue as I'm getting tired of paying 300 / month...
  16. UberDrew

    Underage pax is the hot news story

    https://6abc.com/business/investigation-minors-taking-ride-sharing-services-alone-/4677317/ Be careful. I typically report underage riders even though it is a pita. I don't card though. If I suspect a rider is underage I'll ask but if they say they are 18+ that's the end of it. Note - the news...
  17. UberDrew

    Received 150 dollar cleanup fee - paid for detail - still smell puke

    The 150 dollar arbitrary bs number we get for puke is horse shit. I lose two days in wages. Paid 65 dollars in cleaning supplies the night it occurred (well 15 of that was for a car wash to get the vomit on the outside). 150 plus tip the next day for a professional interior detail and I still...
  18. UberDrew

    Philly rate cut

    So it looks like Uber us cutting our per mile rate in a continuation of their massively unpopular scheme to take even more of our money. But they're I creasing the per minute rate so we aren't supposed to be smart enough to realise it's a loss.