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    Don't pick up at Aria Main Enterence

    Tonight at Aria Main I saw an Uber driver getting busted by metro for trespassing for picking up (valet gave me a heads up and pointed it out) . Only use north side.
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    Door 9?

    Is door nine @ the convention center the blue lot area off Joe W Brown? (North East Enterance)
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    Car Seats?

    Does anybody have the Immi Go (Uber endorsed car seat? Does uber payout more for a carseat request? Is there a coupon code for this $200 add on?
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    How was your NYE shift?

    I started at 12:15 am after a nap, and the pings just kept rolling in on top of one another in till dawn, almost 90% surges... But only a few 5x. No pukers, only one truly obnoxious drunk, a few nappers... And one guy outright passed out in the back seat. Saw the taxicab authority police...
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    Picking up from Fremont street experience

    So when dropping downtown I get pings showing the fare at "Fremont street experience, casino Center Drive. Here's my problem, not allowed to pick up on the street, not allowed to pick up at east side of golden nugget, where the heck should I direct the fare (so they don't have to walk all...