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    App’s been telling me that I have 0 trip for the quest

    Has been since last Thursday. Called support a few times and was told how appreciative they are that I’m a driver and they understand totally how inconvenient it has been for me without that info and they are working very hard to fix that problem, apparently widespread. I of course took their...
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    Is there a way to see the mileage I have driven so far?

    Those mileage can be used for standard deduction during tax time. I want to have an idea of how much I have accumulated so far.
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    Trip duration before accepting the trip ping

    Hi, with the new Uber Pro interface, we (Gold or above) should see an estimated trip during notice (in mins). It showed up in the ping “flash” the first few days. Now it’s disappeared. I just called the support, and they told me that this is system-wide problem and is being investigated. My...
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    Uber’s insurance policy now covers phase 1. Is driver’s rider endorsement with own insurance redundant now?

    Got a notice from Uber on 3/1 that it has amended its insurance policy. From what I can understand it covers phase 1 (which is the period of time between the driver turns on the app to the time he gets a ping) now, which it didn’t before. This is the main reason why most drivers buy extra...
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    Question on quest

    There are multiple levels of quest for week days and weekends. If I pick the lowest one, 20 to 30 trips, will I be “graded” to the next level if manage to do 40 or more? Conversely if l pick a level say 50 trips and I only manage 30, would I will be “downgraded” and still quality for the lower...
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    Will destination filter affect quest for consecutive trips?

    I’ve used it before during my consecutive trip quests, and it didn’t appear to have affected it. The rule says “cancelling trip, rejecting trip or going offline will break the series”. It does not include applying destination filter. However, this morning I did two consecutive 3-trip quests. It...
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    How would a raining day affect ridership?

    I am pretty new to this, but in the few days I ventured out when it was raining, I didn’t notice much difference, at least on weekdays during the after work rush hours. Not sure about Weekends or evening hours.
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    Can I specify the number of seats available since I have a rider of my own?

    Going for a pretty long drive to a place I plan to visit with my wife. I am contemplating picking up some riders along the way. Can I specify the number of seats available for this particular trip? Is there a setting I can set in my app?
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    Is there a way to reach “help” staff via email or chat?

    On Uber app, you can only call the help center if you need to get some help or have an issue to resolve. I am wondering if there is way to contact them via email (or chat or text)? The reason is, I want to leave a “paper” (email) trail, a case profile, etc. so I don’t need to repeat the...
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    The Pros and Cons of pooling, or is there a way to disable pooling in the app?

    I am wondering what the pros and cons are... I have a promotion that I need to reach 30 trips in a week to get some bonus. After looking at my account record, I found that I have only accumulated 4 (later about how it was counted. I am confused--I will start a new post on that)! So I figure I...
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    Can you limit how far you want to travel to?

    I got off early yesterday so I turned on the app and got a ping right away. When I went to pick up the rider, turned out she wanted to go across the bay. I know the traffic on the return trip back home would be horrendous during that rush hour and would definitely take me more than double the...
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    Do you need a business tax certificate if you work as a Uber driver in San Jose?

    If so, where to apply for it? Can you do it online?
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    Do you need a business tax certificate if you work as a Uber driver in San Jose?

    If so, where to apply for it? Can you do it online?