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    Redondo Beach Hub No Longer Doing Inspections

    Considering the included wording “BAR-certified” I’d guess they weren’t certified and the government finally cracked down on them. I’m not sure if this will make it harder to pass an inspection but it’ll be one more step at least making it more time consuming.

    New Cancellation Option Again

    So I stupidly didn’t screenshot it but the one that stuck out was we’ve gone back to, rightfully, blaming the pax for not being at the pickup location. But what was more interesting was it gives you the option to charge a cancellation fee or not. “Rider did not show up. [x] Charge cancellation...

    Recent Feedback: Comfort

    Here’s a thought: If you want a comfortable Uber, have you tried ordering Uber Comfort...? 🙄

    Boy Did I Choose The Wrong Tree To Park Under...

    Think I should get a car wash before I start driving or do you think the pax won’t mind...? :rolleyes:

    Maybe He’ll Learn...[GATE CODE]

    Maybe... :rolleyes:

    So No Rides Today...?

    How exactly can I be sitting in the middle of downtown LA getting absolutely no pings for an hour, then saying screw it and driving all the way to Montebello and still getting nothing at all!? It’s been over 2 hours since my last ride and this garbage is pissing me off! :mad:

    I Know They Say The Saudis Are Buying Up Los Angeles...

    But this is getting ridiculous! :eek:

    Are We Getting Automatic 5 Stars Now From Riders?

    Did Uber Pro finally give us a default 5 stars for riders who don’t rate? In just a few hours a 1, 2, and 3 star rating fell off and I’ve increased 2 points. Is Uber trying to up all drivers to “Gold” and “Platinum” so they look better in the eyes of the riders...? Or did I just get a lucky...

    So Uh... Anyone Want To Play “Rideshare The Video Game” While Waiting For Your Next Fare?

    Apparently there’s a new upcoming game to the hybrid portable Nintendo Switch video game console that’s all about being a rideshare driver in the future fictional Californian city of Los Ojos. The game’s called Neo Cab. Any buyers...? :rolleyes:
  10. RDWRER

    Potential Measles Exposure At LAX Last Month

    Just an FYI that’s in the news, apparently a passenger with a layover coming from China into Terminal B and leaving at Delta terminal 3 on February 21st from 9am to 9pm was diagnosed with measles. There’s currently no known infections resulting from this, but it’s something to be aware of. LA...
  11. RDWRER

    405 North At Artesia All Lanes Closed

    Just spent 20 minutes getting through this mess. The police opened up the carpool lane to all traffic and right now it’s the only lane actually moving. I saw a crane lifting a completely burned out big rig truck and remarkably other than that I didn’t actually see any other damage but there...
  12. RDWRER

    The Ultimate Z-Haul, Courtesy Of Uber Nav!

    Just what is up with that yellow line? Where exactly is the nav trying to take me...? :confusion: Zooms Out :eek::x3::giggle: It’s trying to route me through India!!! :roflmao: I especially like how even after it comes all the way back it still passes the stop one more time just to...
  13. RDWRER

    The Most Informative Message From Uber Support I’ve Ever Seen!

    It’s not even a response to anything. :p
  14. RDWRER

    Dropped Off A College Student At His Frat House...

    I’m not quite sure what to say about that... :confusion:
  15. RDWRER

    Well I’m Awake Now...

    Jesus Christ...! I didn’t even know it was raining but my phone just went ahead and straight up yelled at me that I should not be driving right now. Can those flash flood warnings at least let me sleep...? Of course now that I know not to drive I’ve got nothing to do and am far too wired to...
  16. RDWRER

    Was Assaulted By A Pax Because He Put In The Wrong Address

    So I picked up a passenger and his girlfriend in Burbank and I confirmed their destination as a fancy restaurant in LA. They agreed that it was correct and we headed off. About halfway there they realized that it was the wrong restaurant and claimed that they were going to change it. It never...
  17. RDWRER

    Vantrue N2 Pro Keeps Failing At Critical Moments

    So I really like having a dash cam and while I feel that it’s mere presence has seemingly alleviated a lot of potential issues, I do still get the occasional piece of #%^* that just doesn’t see it or absolutely doesn’t care that it’s there. Due in part to the suggestions from this very forum...
  18. RDWRER

    So We Work For Uber Now...?

    Just had to sign this... Can’t say I’m not more than a little confused how this benefits them... Yes, that’s a double negative. Live with it! :p
  19. RDWRER

    Uber Taking 5 Minutes To Give Ride Details

    So today Uber has been delaying their earnings update again but now the weirdest thing just happened. I got a ride request and accepted it and... nothing. It went back to “finding trips” and didn’t prompt me with any instructions. I waited a bit and then said forget it and, assuming the...
  20. RDWRER

    And Yesterday Was Probably The Worst...!

    So I just got home after driving approximately 20 hours straight. However even though most of that time I was online also most of it was spent idle without a rider. According to my app my remaining Drive Time is 4 hours and 30 minutes exactly which means that I suffered a miserable 22.5%...