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    The extra extra careful pax

    After my last inspection the guy doing it accidentally changed my license plate number in the app by one digit and I wound up getting a passenger who didn’t want to get in the car even after I said her name because she thought I was going to kidnap her. I said okay, drove off, and collected my...

    LAX (Poll)

    I’ll take a rematch any day of the week but I only go to the lot and wait for a ride if I want to take a nap.

    My 1st Uber Comfort Ride

    Get ready for your incoming suspension for violating his preferences... :rolleyes:

    Don't tip your helicopter pilot....

    They should’ve made it a beacon so people could see it at night.

    Don't tip your helicopter pilot....

    These flights will only be available for Platinum and Diamond level riders and will cost $200 to go from Manhattan, south of Houston Street, to JFK airport and vice versa.

    Don't tip your helicopter pilot....

    Just in case you misunderstood the current Uber Copters are actual helicopters piloted by actual people. They do however eventually want to replace them with a new type of experimental helicopter that is similar to a drone, yes.

    New icon? What does it mean?

    It only started glitching like that a week or so ago. Probably was whenever the last update was. Scheduled trips are rare enough that this might’ve been your first since the update.

    New icon? What does it mean?

    It’s the scheduled ride icon. The app glitches now and after you get one scheduled ride they all appear to be scheduled rides until you restart the app.

    Manchester couple launches rideshare alternative Rydelinx, which lets drivers set the prices

    If every driver would switch over to this and dump Uber then the riders would have to follow.
  10. RDWRER

    Disneyland Dropoff Location?

    I’m pretty sure your Uber stickers would’ve been a free pass even if they were checking tickets. You just might’ve had to yell at them a bit to redeem it. :p
  11. RDWRER

    Disneyland Dropoff Location?

    What happened?
  12. RDWRER

    App asked how many riders on trip

    It does that every once in a while. It’s some sort of survey to get even more information that they can’t collect with just the app alone. You can find a few other threads just like this here somewhere.
  13. RDWRER

    Cash This Check for $250, and Sign Away Your Right to Sue

    I like how effectively they’re saying “The previous contract that we wrote was illegal, so give us back our money or we’ll sue!” 🙄
  14. RDWRER

    2 hours so far in Camarillo

    Unerring around [insert city name here] is just a waste of time. Seriously though, considering that I drove from Rancho Cucamonga and didn’t get a ride until reaching Pomona I’d say it was a good place to be. And considering that after 3 short rides I got a 80 minute ride to LAX with a $16...
  15. RDWRER

    2 hours so far in Camarillo

    I’m nowhere near the airport, I just clicked on the staging lot to see how many were there as I was passing. I got my ride in Pomona.
  16. RDWRER

    2 hours so far in Camarillo

    I-Uh-Un...! 🤷‍♂️ I finally got my first ride. 2 hours and 15 minutes online for a $3 ride.
  17. RDWRER

    2 hours so far in Camarillo

    I’m not getting anything either in Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Claremont... I’m driving through them all and getting nothing! Meanwhile there’s 55 ants at the Ontario airport... 🙄
  18. RDWRER

    Ab5 bill Uber to fire lots of drivers if approved?

    Get a job...? 🤷‍♂️
  19. RDWRER

    I was surprised to see how many thousands of complaints Uber has ignored

    I’m surprised they responded to 153!
  20. RDWRER

    AB 5 Senate Hearing 7/10

    But the company does have plans to sue and be sued about it for years to come.