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  1. kc2018

    The economy is too good to put up with this pay

    I started applying for real jobs this week. There are tons of opportunities out there. Once you do it, it feels so good. If you have skills at all, you know you should be doing more with your life. GO DO IT. Don't let this garbage company ruin you.
  2. kc2018

    New damage fee 'Puke Rules' for UBER

    I had a puker last night who hurled all over the side of my back passenger door. I sent the pictures and got only a $40 cleaning fee. In addition, the email said in the future they will only compensate $20 without a receipt. So, if you are driving high risk drunks, you may want to keep this...
  3. kc2018

    Pay is terrible now

    Time to get out of rideshare. The pay is not even worth it part-time anymore. I used to make decent money, but those days are gone. The bonus is a joke, too.
  4. kc2018

    Rideshare sucks more than ever....

    Seriously, the pay is so low now. It is not even good part time anymore. Even the most profitable times and places are terrible.
  5. kc2018

    I like Uber Pro

    Now, all the ants are enticed to take the crap pings like Caesars Palace Main or Wal Mart pools while I cherry pick between Uber / Lyft.
  6. kc2018

    Boulder Highway BOYCOTT

    Got stuck at Boulder Hwy. Get a ping for Albertson's (Why did I take it? Why?) I know better. Get there for express pool. There are several sets of people outside and a nice little domestic argument going on in the parking lot. The pax are there with a cart and 10 bags but they never wave...
  7. kc2018

    Single, easiest way to get a tip....

    When they ask you 'how is your night?' Say happily, "its been great...great people, lots of fun, and everyone tipped." Something like that. In advertising, it is a 'bandwagon' type of appeal. I.e. everyone does it. I know for a fact it gets me tips. And, for some reason, they are more...
  8. kc2018

    Ridiculously Far Away Pings????

    I got one at 215/Russel for Caesars and one for Freemont this morning. Last 10 days, i am regularly getting (and refusing) pings over 5 miles away with Uber. Anyone else? What the heck?
  9. kc2018

    VIDEO: So, this happened this morning at 4 am in Las Vegas

    Error, will re post. It's very good.
  10. kc2018

    Are we getting Uber Pro for drivers --- Diamond drivers get 6% higher pay on distance, etc.

    Got this email: Uber Rewards expands Loyalty program goes live next week Next week, our rider loyalty program, Uber Rewards, will be launching in all US cities where Uber operates. Riders will be able to access features based on their tier—similar to rewards for drivers in Uber Pro. Keep...
  11. kc2018

    Threw out two hot buttered whales

    Here's the video from last night. I didn't notice until I got re-pinged for her that she had a 4.24 rating!! OOOPS. I'm posting it privately and will delete it soon. Until then, enjoy! Now, you can see the woman behind the red shoe. I don't wear makeup when I work because I don't want...
  12. kc2018

    Pool Pax Reeks of Weed, everyone has to smell it in Pool

    She complained when I was explaining it to the two new people who got in during her pool. Then she 1-starred me for it. WTF?!? I am done taking these people anywhere. On the other hand, had a strip club run last night (sapphire) and last week a stripper gave me a $35 tip. Yes! I drove her...
  13. kc2018

    Raider's Stadium Pedestrian Bridge on I-15

    That's whats going on, huh? Over to MGM properties.
  14. kc2018

    We should all boycott Lyft

    Seriously, they are the worst company. I started telling all passengers that if the price is the same, choose UBER. Lyft rarely surges and never pays a bonus. Why does ANYONE drive for them?
  15. kc2018

    Four Quick Tax Tips to lower your Liability

    1) Always do a destination home so you can write-off dead miles if you don't pickup anyone. 2) Write off your home office space on your taxes if you have a computer and work area to support your driving. You will write off the % of total space of house plus % of utilities. 3) Take the...
  16. kc2018

    Anyone know fine amount for 5 over speed limit?

    They are out and about this morning. Watch out. Mine was near Russell / Durango. First ticket in Nevada, ever!
  17. kc2018

    Lyft Line and Uber Pool - My car is not a bathroom/kitchen!

    Why do they think they can put on lotion, makeup, make cup a soup, bring everything they own and talk loud on a cell phone with others in the car? They cuss on their calls and make drug deals and then say, 'is that a camera?" 'Yes, it is.'
  18. kc2018

    Fares wrong Tonight - System Glitches

    I just had a pool that I noticed was way underpaid so I called in to find out the problem. It only stood out because of the length of the pool (45 minutes). I only did 3 pools tonight but all three were underpaid. They adjusted them and the notes say: "Mistimed Trip Start/end." There is...
  19. kc2018

    Lyft Advice - Car Scratched due to Drunk Passenger kicking car

    I drive in Vegas and a drunk woman kicked my car at 4am this morning over having a lid-free drink in my car. (I just asked her to drink it down a bit so it wouldn't spill on a speed bump and she had to argue and argue so I didn't accept the ride.) It scratched my car but will Lyft try to send...
  20. kc2018

    Passenger App Question - Does it tell them stops are 3 minutes?

    I have more drama over this..... Just threw someone out this morning over this. I even printed it out from the website...."3 mintues....it's nothing personal. You'll get another car fast, it's Vegas." There are too many insane people.