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  1. LA Husky

    Is this finally the dodgers year?

    Ryu prob gonna with the Cy Young with the way he's been pitching, especially after his almost career ending injury. Would be great if he can win the WS too.
  2. LA Husky

    rider says she's an instagram model, do she really make money doing that?

    Designer brands pay Kim Kardashian $500k per pic of her holding a handbag on her Instagram... that's the crazy world we living in
  3. LA Husky

    Completed my final rideshare trip...

    Did you fish for the client at The Grove or Peet's in Brentwood? Lol!
  4. LA Husky

    Dont take Lyft. They are charging the pax 200% , and you get a $1.61 bonus

    That's a win for you but Lyft pockets way more from PT to offset the losses from these rare PPZ rides. Bastards 😡
  5. LA Husky

    Quality Summary

    Don't think I'll even have 20 rated rides in June since Uber app hasn't been working for me since last Friday and even if it does summer slump will be in full action. Kept going back and forth with support and they keep saying it's a known issue and they have informed the dedicated team lol
  6. LA Husky

    Shooting at Torrance mall

    Was heading to LAX from Palos Verdes area when pax mentioned 4 helicopters and was wondering if something was up. Looks like I just passed the mall an hour after the shooting.. be careful out there everyone... https://ktla.com/2019/06/03/shooting-reported-at-torrance-mall/amp/
  7. LA Husky

    Anyone else's Uber app not working?

    App doesn't load at all. Tried restarting phone and reinstalling app, no bueno. I tried opening the rider app and it logs me out. After I sign in and enter verification code, rider app just logs out immediately. Anyone else having app issues? Maybe it's a sign for me to just stay home today 😭
  8. LA Husky

    Uber sting operation near LAX today

    https://ktla.com/2019/05/25/24-johns-arrested-in-pomona-undercover-prostitution-sting/amp/ Quota for sure. Hope there weren't any driver Johns. Oh wait Uber drivers can't afford... oops
  9. LA Husky

    Some people are just...

    On Select/Lux/Lux Black, I usually don't say anything or downrate for eating in the car as long as they don't make a huge mess and it doesn't smell like Indian food. Fortunately, I haven't had any pukers but I don't do bar close. Last night I got my first cleaning fee. Got a Select ping in...
  10. LA Husky

    Food recommendation in San Clemente

    Thanks guys, will try Nick's or Epic Wings next time I come here (fingers crossed). I had fish tacos and clam chowder at Slapfish.. not bad Getting ready to leave soon. $350 today for about 140 miles, 3 hrs driving, and 3 hrs waiting. Thank God I was able to arrange a return trip 😅
  11. LA Husky

    Food recommendation in San Clemente

    So I was brought to San Clemente and arranged a return trip, have about 3 hours until pickup. Anything good to eat down here?
  12. LA Husky

    Memorial Weekend 🏕⚓⛴🚀☄

    Yeah he's way bigger now but still likes to put his chin on everything 😆
  13. LA Husky

    Memorial Weekend 🏕⚓⛴🚀☄

    At least you still have PT I have PPZ with piss all over my map and spots of menstrual blood
  14. LA Husky

    Memorial Weekend 🏕⚓⛴🚀☄

    What are you fishing for? A 45+ 250% ride? XD
  15. LA Husky


    Just did a Lux dropoff with no rematch 🥺 Looked like a Sunday night
  16. LA Husky

    Looking out for those who cant...

    I don't know where y'all are from but here in Los Angeles the good Samaritan ends up getting shot all the time. Hence the "mind your own business" mentality. Kudos to the OP, but it's a crazy world out there with some crazy people. I wouldn't want to be the guy at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  17. LA Husky

    You Can Not Cancel Trips Without Being Rated

    They can rate you if you cancel after starting trip
  18. LA Husky

    Received Select ride in X-only car.

    K900 is actually a very good car, way better than a Genesis (like an E-class vs S-class). But good for you to tip the X driver :smiles:
  19. LA Husky

    Received Select ride in X-only car.

    Did the rider pay Select rates? I'm surprised pax didn't cancel when you showed up