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  1. LAuberX

    Germs in Rideshare cars? Say it ain't so!

  2. LAuberX

    Lyft downloads gaining on Uber?

  3. LAuberX

    DIY Much? get the Mobil 1 rebate until 5/31

    I use it in most of my cars, I buy it at WalMart, 5 quart jugs for about $26 the rebate is $12 for the 5 qt jug, limit 2 rebates. https://mobiloil.com/en/promotion/mobil-promotions/up-to-15-dollars-off-with-mobil-1-and-mobil-super
  4. LAuberX

    Selling a car used 100% for Uber

    On my first attempt at our 2016 taxes I said I sold my previous Uber car. Big mistake. Turbo Tax wanted me to enter .22 per business mile for 2014 and .24 per business mile for 2015 so the IRS could recoup that money on the sale of a business use asset... even though I did not depreciate that...
  5. LAuberX

    Lyft cancels car pool feature (NOT LyftLine)

    http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-lyft-carpool-halt-20160819-snap-story.html baby steps....
  6. LAuberX

    Uber driver gets help to see his son compete in Rio

    talking to his pax paid off: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/inspired-life/wp/2016/08/06/her-uber-driver-couldnt-afford-the-trip-to-rio-to-see-his-son-compete-so-she-raised-the-money-to-send-him/
  7. LAuberX

    Didi, Uber's biggest competition is now backed by Apple here's the plan

  8. LAuberX

    Why Uber drivers could still gain the upper hand in settlement deal

  9. LAuberX

    Lyft sale, Venice, noho, pas

    50% off, a new low. Limited hours. from 5a to 5p, m-f ends 2/12
  10. LAuberX

    Checkr Question: do they leave a trace on dmv/credit report?

    I got a nasty gram from Uber. They want me to let Checkr do a new background check or they will Wait List me later this week. I'm wondering if Checkr leave a "trace" or any "fingerprints/remarks" on your credit report or DMV for car companies, finance companies or Insurance companies to figure...
  11. LAuberX

    Uber now renting cars in L.A. for $5 per hour? who got this??

    This was sent to me by another Uber driver here in L.A. Did anybody take the survey or find out more details on the car rental program they are talking about?
  12. LAuberX

    Uber confirmed I'm on track for 2016

    At this rate, I'll exceed my goal!
  13. LAuberX

    It's Over. Uber rates fall below cost to operate a vehicle in L.A.

    Here are the new rates in Los Angeles uberX Base Fare $0.00 Per Mile $0.90 Per Minute $0.15 Minimum Fare $4.65 Safe Rides Fee $1.65 POOL Base Fare $0.00 Per Mile $0.85 Per Minute $0.11 Minimum Fare $4.65 Safe Rides Fee $1.65 We all know the majority of rides now are...
  14. LAuberX

    Google to spin off its self-driving car unit, "Alphabet" to compete with Uber/Lyft

  15. LAuberX

    The Ohio House and Senate have agreed on new measures to regulate Uber, Lyft

  16. LAuberX

    Uber is offering one-day, on-demand flu shots This Thursday

    http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-uber-flu-shots-20151117-story.html Here are the cities where the on-demand flu shots will be available to Uber users: Northeast: Baltimore; Boston; Hartford, Conn.; Hoboken, N.J.; Jersey City, N.J.; New York; Philadelphia; Providence, R.I...
  17. LAuberX

    He did it his way

    I took a ping from a neighbor yesterday around 6 a.m., it was nice to drive one minute to the ping. One guy gets in with a laptop case "can we stop at Starbucks on the way?" sure, I need a refill! He enters the destination, about 24 miles East and wants to talk the whole way. It was a little...
  18. LAuberX

    scientists cracked Uber's pricing algorithm

  19. LAuberX

    Amazon in Uber like trouble paying workers as IC's suit contends

  20. LAuberX

    Now Uber wants peeps to give THEM water to give away....

    http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2015/10/06/uber-bottled-water-donations-flint/73486214/ maybe a good cause, but come on Travis, if you spent millions in Vegas how much could some water be?