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    Hudson County last night

    I know the hate Hudson county gets, but I appreciate the few rides I get from there that take me ways away (For example, I had a Hoboken ride yesterday take me just near the NY state border, that was a nice chunk of change). There's still the obvious crappy short rides but these two from...
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    Shouldn't have accepted, did it anyway.

    I had just gotten out of an appointment around 3:50PM in Montclair, as soon as I turn on Uber, I get a 4.79* 45+min trip with 1.5x surge. Something in the back of my mind was saying I shouldn't have accepted seeing as it might be a NYC trip, but I did it anyway. Long story short, the trip was...
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    Screw EWR queue

    Before I get comments stating I should know better, I did, or at the very least I thought I did reading some of the stories of EWR on this forum. This was my second time at the rideshare lot, the first being around midnight. I spent 2.5hrs in the afternoon waiting for a ride behind 90 drivers...
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    Toll reimbursement

    Hey all, First post here, hope everyone is doing well. Long story short, I got a request for a ride out in Madison, NJ to go to NYC. I'm fairly sure I passed 1 toll on i78 and then the Holland Tunnel toll, neither of which the app shows I was reimbursed for in the fare details. Reached out to...