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    Scary Long Mileage Ride

    Hello, I picked up a customer from Santa Ana to San Diego on Saturday. I had the trip first showing $90, then is showed $0 with -$90 adjustment. Panicked, called support. As usual, no real help. They told me that "an advanced team" will review the trip. It cleared in about 10-12 hours. I'm...
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    Can someone explain this to me! Are we getting paid less, or customers paying too much?

    Hello All, This morning I gave a ride and the customer paid $28.89 Rider Pays Rider Price $25.89 Tip $3.00 Rider Payment $28.89 Now, I know that $2.90 is the service fee. That's OK, and $3 is the tip. So taking the tip and the service fee: $28.89 - $3 - $2.90 = $19.99 We are left with...
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    Weekly Pay Missing: Direct deposit issue

    Dear Friends, I have not changed anything in my banking information in my Uber account until this morning. Here is the story: My September 4th Pay out was posted to my account on September 5th as usual. September 11th Pay out has never made it to my account. I have made several calls, support...