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  1. mateo9441

    Live in NJ, NY driver license ?

    Hello guys i have a question, i live in NJ (Union) and i have 2 cars for delivery (mini van with NJ plate and my name is added to insurance) and VW Jetta Sedan (NY plate, registered on my name) and i want to drive for Amazon Flex, but i saw something on Amazon site if i had a NY driver license i...
  2. mateo9441

    Uber app No show

    Hi, i do not need to cancel a ride for no show until yesterday. I'm wait 4min and i cancel a ride but i do not get any fee for that.... How to do it ? I know how to cancel on Lyft but i do not know how it works on Uber....
  3. mateo9441

    SUV vs Mini Van

    Hi guys, i'm still thinking about switching cars. I drive with Lyft now but i think to drive for both (uber) now i have 2 cars to chose which car i will drive. -. 15' Ford Escape Titanium (vanilla leather) -. 11' Chrysler Town & Country Limited (black leather) 1.Ford Escape on Lyft will be...
  4. mateo9441

    UberXL/Lyft Plus

    Hi guys, i'm thinking to switch for minivan, 11' Town & Country trim: Limited with Leather seats etc. full option. But how it works ? I need upload registration/insurance pics. and after that i'm drive for only UberXL/LyftPlus ? Can i take UberX/Lyft with this car ?
  5. mateo9441

    How much $$$ to get TLC

    Hi, i'm thinking to aplly for TLC driver license etc. can you tell me how much it cost ? I hear it's around $3k ? I'm the owner of the car it's paid off and i'm thinking about it to wokr in NYC and NJ too because i want to minimize ''dead miles'' But can someone tell me exactly what i need to...
  6. mateo9441

    PZ 100%

    Hi guys, i have a question about Power Zone... I was in city where i had 100% of PZ and this PZ was from 2pm-7pm, i was there couple 2;15pm around 3pm i get a ride so i take it and when i arrive i check drop off location and it show me Newark .... Ok so after drop off i come back to PZ with 100%...
  7. mateo9441

    Regular Lyft vs Lyft Premium vs Lux in NJ

    I drive in NJ with 2013 VW Passat 2.5L and now i have a question, my friend have 2011 Chrysler Town & Country Mini-van and maybe if i put my name on insurance i can drive with this mini-van but do you know it's worth it ? Also i'm thinking on cars like 2013+ Audi A6, BMW 5-series who are qualify...
  8. mateo9441

    Car Seat for kids

    Hi guys, like in description, if i get a PAX with 1 or 2 kids, and i do not have a car seat for this kids i should cancel it, but i need to explain why i need to cancel and my question is about age of their kids. Kids must best in car seat from 1 to 8 years old ?? I can not find answer...
  9. mateo9441

    EWR worth it ?

    Hello guys i always thinking about waiters driver on EWR Airport, this is really worth it ? How long you wait for request and how it looks when you enter to staging lot ? You just park on the space and wait for request ?
  10. mateo9441

    Can i cancel request without low-rate ?

    Hi, yesterday i had a few rquests to pick up around 20-25min, i cancel that because it's not worth it. How can i cancel requests like this without low acceptance rate ?
  11. mateo9441

    ios vs andriod

    Hi, i have iphone 6s, but now i'm thinking to change my current phone. 1. Iphone 7 Plus 2. Iphone X 3. Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 2 years ago i had android device but i had a lot of freeze/bugs so i switch to ios and it was a good idea but now i want a change phones but someone have experiences...
  12. mateo9441

    Passengers and changing address

    Hi, i'm new on forum and i started work for Lyft couple days ago and i have three questions. 1. If i get request and i accept this and when i arrive to destination i pick up 4 passengers, and they're charged from Lyft for every passenger added ? Because when i check my driving history i do not...