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  1. JohnF

    I got a call from Uber ....

    On Feb 17, 2016 1:00 pm (ish) I got a call from an Uber rep. This young guy said we noticed that you haven't logged on for over a month and was wondering if everything was okay. I replied that everything was just peachy. He then asked, "So why haven't you been driving". My response was "Well...
  2. JohnF

    Gone Postal!

    Congrats dude
  3. JohnF

    I think I'm done!

    Welcome to the ex-Uber club
  4. JohnF

    Received a Text from Uber

    If everyone knows no one would be driving ... i'm just sayin
  5. JohnF

    Received a Text from Uber

    Not yet ... I'm savoring the fleeting moment of being wanted :D:p
  6. JohnF

    Received a Text from Uber

    Rates going up? I think not .... therefore I don't care
  7. JohnF

    Received a Text from Uber

    I got this message We noticed you haven't taken a trip in a while and we miss you! Have questions? Email us at support@uber.com and we can help you with anything Awww how sweet ... they miss meeeeee Apart from the 2 rides i gave at the beginning of the month i haven't driven at all. The best...
  8. JohnF

    Confidential Uber docs reveal company lost $1 Billion in first 6 months of 2015

    http://roadwarriorvoices.com/2016/01/18/confidential-uber-docs-reveal-company-lost-1-billion-in-first-6-months-of-2015/ By: Kevin Farrell | January 18, 2016 2:30 pm Leaked documents prepared by Uber, but never meant for the public’s eyes, reveal the company lost a staggering $987.2 Million in...
  9. JohnF

    Didnt qualify for $18/hr garantee

    SUCKER ....... you fell for the #UberClapTrap
  10. JohnF

    Does your cell phone have an SOS feature?

    Actually my phone has an SOB feature it's called the Uber Partner App
  11. JohnF

    Alternative to VuGo

    you should keep a bunch of business cards/fliers handy from strip clubs, escorts, pizza places and laundry services (not necessarily in that order). You'll get more from referrals.
  12. JohnF

    Any uber black drivers under 25?

    rac·ism ˈrāˌsizəm/ noun the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different...
  13. JohnF

    Need Sugar Land to IAH and back next week

    I'm sure there are enough folk on here that have privately messaged HTS (original Poster) for a ride. I'm sure this is a closed matter for him /her.
  14. JohnF

    Get Me Special Driver Onboarding in Houston, TX

    Maybe I should develop an app GetaLife
  15. JohnF

    Any uber black drivers under 25?

    Dude your headline for this post is misleading .... but in all honesty it did catch my eye
  16. JohnF

    A sad reality ...

    Let's face it, If Uber drops rates to $0.25 / mile and $0.02 per minute. There will still be drivers that will complain and drive. We talk about a strike, but there will ALWAYS be someone who will drive. All of us have our reasons (mainly economic) for driving. Uber will always take advantage of...
  17. JohnF

    I am quitting..

    I just completed my last airport ride today... in order for me to fight the temptation of logging on and getting a ride. I will be peeling off my TNC sticker and airport sticker. ... I will reduce my posting to this board. I'll just lurk. It was fun hanging around with you guys. I will miss the...
  18. JohnF

    Get Me Houston's First Rate Cut

    Other than ushering in 2016 you didn't miss much ...
  19. JohnF

    If you are going to the airport...

    8 Heads in a duffel bag