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  1. CanadianUberMan

    What do you do

    I usually just say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. CanadianUberMan

    How do YOU deal with drunk/late night passengers?

    I drove Uber for a year and two months, not once had someone throw up in my car. Then again, usually, when something happens for the first time with Uber, it happens again, and again, and again the same night; like someone leaving their phone in my car. So it can happen obviously. I usually just...
  3. CanadianUberMan

    Newbie advice needed...

    always always always have pax change destination, they can contest it.
  4. CanadianUberMan

    Something new..."Long Trip".

    Yes, in my city its 25+ minutes. I like it. I can decide who I want to take on surges.
  5. CanadianUberMan

    Coffee Machine at Airport Uber Area

    i never see an issue with the washroom there, idk what everyones fuss is about it.
  6. CanadianUberMan

    What a shitty day... took me 4 hours to make 100 bucks so I called it quits.

    ya no for real - i expect nothing but 50 dollars an hour and caviar for dinner
  7. CanadianUberMan

    Makeup= tips?

    you can use your tip money to buy a coat
  8. CanadianUberMan

    Makeup= tips?

    try other things too like low cut shirt and short shorts.
  9. CanadianUberMan

    I'm done making stops for people

    I get to my next rider's pickup location and the timer starts. The time remaining is 30 seconds to collect the cancellation fee and get the hell out of there. But then there comes two girls towards my car. I slide to begin trip and wow, they're going 6 minutes away. THEN the girl says very...
  10. CanadianUberMan

    Newb Advice: What's best to do between trips?

    really? your market is that slow? I get a ping max 10 minutes after my trip.
  11. CanadianUberMan

    Expiring car inspection documents

    If the car is 2011 and under it's every 6 months... Some places offer discounts, like Canadian Tire. But, 850$... that sucks, brake job is about 200-400 and if you need all new tires, $850 all together isn't that high.
  12. CanadianUberMan

    Do You NEED Hi-Speed Data?

    well Bell owns Virgin, i dunno about Sprint.
  13. CanadianUberMan

    I have a problem starting?

    but that 180 days of change doe
  14. CanadianUberMan

    Do You NEED Hi-Speed Data?

    freedom mobile is the cheapest if you don't care about connectivity issues and drop calls. then probably Virgin Mobile, or Koodo are the best better, cheaper, networks. We have Bell and Rogers of course.
  15. CanadianUberMan

    Do You NEED Hi-Speed Data?

    i just called sprint. it's not available in Canada :/
  16. CanadianUberMan

    Do You NEED Hi-Speed Data?

    hmmm... i'll look into it thanks, is it LTE?
  17. CanadianUberMan

    Do You NEED Hi-Speed Data?

    You should have LTE network atleast. I tried Wind mobile because of the price tag being so cheap, but there was times when I receive a request and it keeps pinging when I tap accept and the ride ends up not being accepted. There were also times when if you go far east or far west outside of the...
  18. CanadianUberMan

    Is it against Uber Eat's policy to request myself?

    i ended up requesting another driver to play it safe, and my lunch is too short to play around like that. but I will probably make a video in the near future about that. subscribe to my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEylvlXmRdnoOOEyyTxx4mA
  19. CanadianUberMan

    Is it against Uber Eat's policy to request myself?

    ah ok i see what you mean, i did that once too to see what my rating was appearing to the paxs lol
  20. CanadianUberMan

    Is it against Uber Eat's policy to request myself?

    because a restaurant is still making money off you. whereas with Uber X there's no reason to request yourself lol why? no you're not missing anything - but you're making it seem like there's no reason for me to request myself or get Uber Eats in this situation. I understand getting food with...