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  1. ColumbusRides

    This is my second week of not getting quest promos

    I haven't been ubering a lot because of some other things I was doing. I did notice that I haven't had any quest promos, Is anyone else getting them or is it me because I haven't been driving much?
  2. ColumbusRides

    I miss campus

    A lot of my business is campus, August can't come soon enough. Doing the bars/clubs and just overall feel isn't the same. I was constantly busy when campus was in session, ugh.
  3. ColumbusRides

    I just completed 1000 rides

    I’ve been doing this for 5 months and I’m still having fun. I’m a people person and I’ve met a few drivers, had interesting conversations with riders and I’ve seen a lot of stuff along the way. Next stop, 2000 rides 🤔
  4. ColumbusRides

    Columbus - Ant Fest

    The “April Gathering” post that I started a few weeks ago has been turned into the “Ant Fest” and it should be fun. The Ant Fest will be at Level One (Bar Arcade) on 5/19, between 1-3pm and we can have drinks and talk about anting. Anyone can come, you can respond in this thread or pm...
  5. ColumbusRides

    I just collected my first cleaning fee

    So most of you know I do the bars/clubs on campus and I'm still having lots of fun. I've been doing this since November 2018 and I have over 900 completed rides so far. Last night, I picked up 4 gay guys. The guy in the front was cool and we had nice conversation. I noticed two guys in the...
  6. ColumbusRides

    The quest promos suck this weekend

    I'm so disappointed in this weekend's quest promos. Earn $2 between 10 to 12pm on Friday and the best one Earn $1 on Saturday between 10 to 12pm, I run prime hours and rely on $4 and $5 promos to make up for the lousy pay... I still don't know Uber treats their drivers like crap ugh
  7. ColumbusRides

    I just got my first 1 star

    After 846 rides, I just got my first one star. Before I picked up my 2:30am rider, I noticed my rating was 4.95, then after I dropped her off it dropped to a 4.94 and a fresh 1 star. Once I saw her name, something told me not to pick her up but I figured she would be my last run for the night...
  8. ColumbusRides

    This weeks quest promos suck

    I rely on them to make it with my time but this weeks quest promos are horrible! Earn 3 between 4 to 6pm lmao
  9. ColumbusRides

    I pulled over just in time

    I’ve been ubering 5 months or so (785 rides) and I’m still having fun. I generally do campus weekends and I’ve been very fortunate to not have anyone get sick inside my car. Last night, I picked up this drunk girl. Her girlfriend helps her in the front seat, she didn’t seem that drunk at...
  10. ColumbusRides

    Any car guys here?

    I'm into exotic cars (I don't have one) and I go to my local Cars and Coffee in Columbus. Seeing how we drive either full or part time, Is anyone into cars? (doesn't matter if into exotics, muscle, classic etc) I'm a Porsche nut, I'm currently ubering for a Boxster.
  11. ColumbusRides

    I'm having withdrawls

    I'm ready to hit campus and the bar/club crowd tomorrow night, the last time I ubered was Saturday... help me, I need my fix lol.
  12. ColumbusRides

    Quest removed

    I just noticed that the quest has been removed for tonight from 10 to 12 😂
  13. ColumbusRides

    St Patty’s Weekend

    This will be my first year running St Patty’s weekend.. I’m expecting most of the parties on Saturday, should be easy money. Good luck and let’s get paid 😀
  14. ColumbusRides

    Columbus - April Gathering

    I've met some cool people on the board. I was thinking about doing some kinda of "April uber gathering" maybe downtown, Where we can all get together and talk about anting lol. Maybe next mth or so when the weather gets nice. Yes, it will be on a Sunday non primetime so we can ant later...
  15. ColumbusRides

    Mardi Gras in Columbus

    I’m debating if I should run later tonight, Is anything going on? I do late night campus, bars, clubs etc
  16. ColumbusRides

    I don’t see any upcoming quest promotions for th

    It’s 3am, I just got home... I didn’t see any upcoming quest promotions for the week. Does anyone have any this week?
  17. ColumbusRides

    I didn’t get the rider cancellation fee

    So I just noticed last night that I didn’t get the 3.75 rider cancellation fee. Has anyone else had that problem? Support had me on hold for 15 minutes trying to find out the issue. I have to call back later when I have the time.
  18. ColumbusRides

    Why is the base fare so low?

    I just noticed that our base fare in Columbus went down to .37 from .38 (The per mile is is still .87) Why is the base fare so low?
  19. ColumbusRides

    Are quest promos delayed?

    I see the $3 promo in my earning details but it hasn’t fully added to my total. I completed 8 trips so far in a hr and a half, Anyone else seeing a delay?
  20. ColumbusRides

    Attn: Uber Execs - Are you listening?

    I'm sure others have suggested this... Please put a "Tip" function on the riders app so that we can make additional money. To many riders not tipping and we as drivers can use every dollar because the base rate is so low. Thank you.