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    Lyft lowered rates today....

    I am sure Uber will copycat them. It sucks.
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    New passenger app bad for lux/xl/suv

    I am a passenger and a part time Lux driver. The new app opens the passenger to X and Pool. I use lux and it took me a few minutes how to get the app to call a lux car. I have been a driver and passenger since uber started here, if I had trouble using it the customer definitely will...
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    Hard Rock Pick Up Area

    The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has a well marked Uber pick up area. It is on the far left side at the entrance of the hotel / valet area. In front of the taxi line. Lol I only mention this because I spent the weekend at Hard Rock. My friends used uber to go home and out of 5 cars all went...
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    Pickups 25 minutes away.

    I have been getting a lot of pings 25 minutes away. I was in parkland and got requests in plantation, sunrise and Lauderdale Lakes. All 22+ minutes away. So the next day I got an email about acceptance rates. I emailed Uber about long distance pick ups, their response was that I should...
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    Lots of Lux Cars

    I used to make $250-$300 on Friday or Saturday's. A recent mass increase in cars has me making half of that now. In Boca area at 11pm 20 available Lux cars showing up on the passenger app. Has anyone noticed the same increase ? It's brutal now
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    App Update requested access to microphone

    The app update yesterday requested access to my iPhone microphone. I never had that before. Anybody have any idea why?
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    Drivers turning down rides

    I worked the Boca /Delray area this past Saturday Night. 4 of my trips on Saturday had passengers saying that previous drivers cancelled after the driver texted them and asked where are they going. One guy had to ping 4 x until he got me as a driver, he was going one hour north up to Jupter...
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    Lots and Lots of Drivers

    I was reading this different comments on the threads today about reduced rates etc. I live in Coral Springs. With exception of kids Uber doesn't have a high demand out here, not like out east. It primarily residential with no office towers. So at 10:45am I opened the Uber passenger app...
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    New LUX issues with update

    My phone updated today. After the update my ability to log in as a LUX only disappeared. Now I can only log in as a LUX and X. Both are showing up on passenger app when I log in. Anyone else have this issue? Chat help hasn't been able to resolve it yet.