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    Who are the dummies waiting at the airports?

    There are a lot of non English speaking new drivers who don't get it. My last 5 uber trips the drivers spoke no English and were all brand new. Uber has gone down hill rapidly.
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    Someone receives pings just driving LUX?

    Very few. Working north broward and south palm beach you will get action on Friday and Saturday night. Other than that I have gone 10 hours with no Lux hits at all. I do this as a side gig so it's no biggie for me, I just leave the app on as I go about my business. It's not a money maker at...
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    Driving for uber is an insult

    If you are doing Uber for a full time job you are not being wise. Uber is designed for a bunch of part timers. You cannot make a healthy living as an uber driver. Sad to say but it's a fact. Anyone who is a full time uber driver by choice is foolish. It's not a productive system for the...
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    Lyft lowered rates today....

    Competitive Strategy Update With the holidays wrapping up, winter can be a slower time for rides - and we've got all hands on deck to help. We know from testing prices in the past that affordability is the first consideration in getting passengers to take Lyft. With the competition...
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    Lyft lowered rates today....

    100%. Just got the email 30 minutes ago.
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    Lyft lowered rates today....

    I am sure Uber will copycat them. It sucks.
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    New passenger app bad for lux/xl/suv

    I am a passenger and a part time Lux driver. The new app opens the passenger to X and Pool. I use lux and it took me a few minutes how to get the app to call a lux car. I have been a driver and passenger since uber started here, if I had trouble using it the customer definitely will...
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    UberEats email...

    If a person orders $10 in food they are probably not going to pay $10 for delivery. I am thinking rates will be lower than pool rates most likely.
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    UberEats email...

    I think I will pass on stinking up my car with a bunch of food. If I want to deliver food I will work for Papa Johns and probably make more $$. Lol
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    Uber was advertising for drivers saying you could make $1000 a week this time last year. The same advertisement today says you can make $500 a week. Seems like Uber knows that they cut the earnings in half over the last year.
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    Taxi Medallions in Miami sinking!

    Published reports show that medallions have dropped 50-70%. It's sad that small time guys lost money. I could care less about the big companies, it's their fault for letting everything go to hell.
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    Do UberSELECT cars get mor cancellations than UberX cars?

    This is a Miami/south Florida forum so I would assume you drive in Miami ?
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    Do UberSELECT cars get mor cancellations than UberX cars?

    If you drive an Audi A 4 you do not qualify for select. It is an X car. Go to the uber website for Miami. It has a list of acceptable vehicles. A4 does not qualify.
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    Do UberSELECT cars get mor cancellations than UberX cars?

    Audi A6 and Audi A8 are approved. I drive an Audi A8L and drive lux without an issue.
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    Memorial Day tips...?

    I have made tons of runs on the beach on Memorial Day. Stay on the side roads and let passenger know in advance Ocean drive is unreachable but you will get them within walking distance
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    Hard Rock Pick Up Area

    The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has a well marked Uber pick up area. It is on the far left side at the entrance of the hotel / valet area. In front of the taxi line. Lol I only mention this because I spent the weekend at Hard Rock. My friends used uber to go home and out of 5 cars all went...
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    I feel bad for the drivers in Austin

    Just like they did in Broward County.
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    More Drivers will be signing up for Uber in Miami!

    You will be legal at the airport and Miami when the regulations become effective in 10 days just like Broward and Palm Beach. Don't believe the negative stuff here. It's mostly taxi drivers, Limo drivers etc. just go out and do your thing.
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    Surging anywhere besides the price of gas!

    Uber has recruited so many drivers surges are a thing of the past. I live out west. Previously it was just 4 of us out here. Now more than 30. In Coral Springs never more than a 5 minute eta for any level car.
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    Navigation Issues

    You need the new update 9.3.1. The original 9.1 has a software defect.