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  1. TLaF

    Uber Eats Will not do again!

    One delivery to my name with near 4900 PAX rides. I picked up McDonalds on Shrewsbury St. in the rain then delivered up 4 flights to a screaming party laughing at me. No tip. Never again. Trip took 27 minutes for 4.26 WOW.
  2. TLaF

    Driving through the Christmas season?????

    Its been normal busy lately, but what about Christmas eve and day? Also New Years Eve? Surge??
  3. TLaF

    Sneezed on 14 times during a ride

    Dirty people please learne to stop being ass holes.
  4. TLaF

    Worcester Uber and Holy Cross FU

    Drunk rich kids need a ride?. I am sick of drunk rich kids expecting me to allow 7 riders with drinks three streets up for a Worcester 3 dollar ride,
  5. TLaF

    Propane Tank with Rider

    Early morning riders, two guys waiting on sidewalk in a mall with a propane tank. I pulled up and said I'm not taking the propaine tank. They went off, yelling saying cancel, cancel,
  6. TLaF

    OMG I drove a stripper to the strip joint

    YesI did! 5 Stars! She was nice and funny and I am thrilled to have a rider so nice. OMG I screamed after she got out! I called my wife and said OMG I drove a stripper to the strip joint. LOL
  7. TLaF

    Infants riding and toddlers riding UNSAFE

    Had a trashy mom call me a FU%K because I refussed to allow her infant and toddler ride without proper safty seats. OH, I am a FU&K for caring for your child's well being. If she was nice, I would have hit no charge. But as the FUC& I am, I 5$ allowed her to cancell. Worcester Uber
  8. TLaF

    Tim in Worcester...waiting 5 min. for your response then CANCEL

    Hi Worcester Mass here.
  9. TLaF

    bad Rider story

    Picked up an older guy, likely near 65 plus in Worcester off Grafton Hill. He got in, told me how great he is over and over. He's a shrink, and is really busy. (@@@@@@@) Had me stop at ATM, forced me to take a left at Main st, where it is illegal, and had the pin dopped 4 miles from where he...