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    ExpressDrive, Hertz wont auth repair, stuck all weekend

    I am outside (in fresno) my home area(Santa Clara/San jose). Batery crapped out, so went to firestone which i was to understand has a national account with hertz. Long story short firestone did work, then undid the work cause hertz wont authorize anything, not even a battery. Hertz says that its...
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    Lyft App + Waze is so slow, advice?

    So im finally approved for lyft and on the road. I found Uber+waze to work pretty decently. However Lyft and waze take for ever to talk to each other then i have to wait for waze to finally add the route. Is there a quicker way?
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    Suprise Bonus!

    So i signed up for Uber in July 2016 using an acquaintances refferal code for $400 100 rides in 30 days. Worked off and on july and aug then quit because i had another job and no car. Forgot all about this. Started back up this april, and the other day i log on to see an extra $400!! And a...
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    Express Drive Hertz rental, they have my 250 deposit and i have no car

    So after 1 month of their hell application process i have finally been approved for lyft. I am convinced this was all a process to delay until they didnt have to pay out a bonus. So i reserved a rental from San Jose for friday, put down a $250 deposit. Everyday for a week they sent me a...
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    Traveling from Fresno to Bay Area, best piece of advice?

    Thought id give the Bay Area a go, considering those bonuses. Whats your best piece of advice for first timer to area? And ahaha, "dont drive" i have NEVER thought of that before!
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    Irony: Uber app 4.3 stars on play store

    Just thought i would share the bit of irony with everyone about what i found i found. Maybe you at least will chuckle a bit inside. Uber's rider app on the play store is at 4.3 star rating and the Uber Partner app gets a bit higher at 4.4
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    Uber no longer renting phones?

    I visited my local activation Uber center July 1st to have my inspection and paperwork uploaded. He gave me my welcome packet (a phone mount, trade dress, a pamphlet, a business card). I asked about a phone because "i heard uber rents phones". He said " Aww nah we dont do that anymore. It was...
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    Fresno, CA

    Just starting Uber, anyone here from Fresno? I know there are a few drivers in that area...