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    Its uber down??

    The server was down from 230 to 300
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    It’s dead out here.....

    I picked 70/90 for the weekend and hit 70 rides, didn't bother to grind the other 20 rides. Way too many people working out there.
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    Weekend Quest offer for Nov. 6-8

    Only 21 rides since 1130 am
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    Weekend Quest offer for Nov. 6-8

    I don't think i will hit the quest this weekend, pretty slow out there right now, maybe tonight.
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    Weekend Quest offer for Nov. 6-8

    Just Uber X only.
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    Weekend Quest offer for Nov. 6-8

    I maxed out 12 hours on fri and sat, did 72 trips so on sun i finished the rest of the 18 trips then signed off for the day.
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    Weekend Quest offer for Nov. 6-8

    I hit 90 rides for $360 last weekend
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    How many hours are you averaging/ week?

    I worked 70 hours a week.
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    CA is going to lose rideshare

    It is also coming to Massachusetts too, don't forget that. If we are getting paid $25 an hours, we all going to drive very slow to milk the clock because there is no advantage to do more rides per week unless they offer trip incentives. If $25 an hour then we will all make $1000 a week with...
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    Anyone else making $3000 a week driving with Uber?

    Do you guys in California have limit of how long can you be online ?
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    Doing UE for 5 hours

    Anyone know what is the going rate on Uber X in Boston now ?
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    UberEat scam

    I stopped UE when they drop the minimum from $5.80 to $3.75
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    Uber Giving out Candy

    Under 10000 rides get $500
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    Uber IPO bonus I will be receiving $500

    If you did 12000 rides then you get $1000, i got $500 for 8000 rides, two of my friends said they got $10000 for over 20000 rides. 1555048334 Only $100 ?
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    Rate Analysis & perspectives

    I drove Uber for almost 3 years then stopped driving for a year because i got a new job with free company car and gas, just thinking about buying a car to drive part-time and now forget about it.
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    Rate Analysis & perspectives

    When was this new rate took effect ?
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    Passenger cancelling trip 2 mins in

    Did Uber establish yesterday ? These people lie out of their ass, ride get cancel, kick them the F out, dont show any mercy to them
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    Revere Hertz

    No it can not, Uber rental only can accept Uber and Lyft rental only Lyft, can't do both !
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    Revere Hertz

    The longest on the rental agreement is 28 days which is 4 weeks, if the car does not need an oil change(7500 miles) or other service then it can go right back out with a new rental agreement. All it needs is 24 hours ahead to reserve, Uber rental can be tight on cars sometimes but Lyft always...
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    Revere Hertz

    We use all the normal rental cars until they hit 40K then it becomes TNC cars, we just got about 200 used VW Jetta and Passat with low miles, those are for all you guy who wants to rent from us. Uber rental is located at 1A Revere where Thrifty/Dollar used to be and Lyft is located at 450...