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    My 1099k number of miles is technically wrong.

    Hey everyone! So I am ready to do my taxes. My net earnings is about 14k dollars and total miles uber shows up with on the form is about 20,700 miles which is literally about 7000+ miles short of what I drove due to all the dead miles I did woth the app off amd relocating to better positions...
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    Tax question

    Hello all. What is the per mile deduction this year? Also, uber sent me my tax info and it says that added together, both my on trio and off trip miles, that I have roughly 20,000 between both of them. However, I drove well over 28000 driving for uber this year. The difference is sometimes I...
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    Where are the green light hubs??

    I need to go to one. The one in Hoboken is gone and when I look up, "greenlight hub in nj", it shows an address for one in Queens NY Is there another one in nj anywhere?
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    Phone broke. Using family members phone and....

    Two year driver here. What is Ubers customer service line for drivers. I need the actual phone number. Long story short I cannot access my app and want to call them with an issue regarding my recent background check as well as tax questions. Can someone simply post the phone number for Uber one...
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    Did uber just threaten me? Confused.

    Confidential to be opened by addressee only Attn: (my name was here but obviously not putting my real name here since it os a public forum) Notice to consumer of request of consumer report "Dear (Qowpel,) The purpose of this email is to notify you, the consumer, that Checkr, Inc., a...
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    Instant pay problem

    Just hit instant pay. Literally still says that the money is available on the cash out tab. When i hit cashout again, says I must make at least 1 dollar before cashing out, yet app says i still have 326 dollars in it it. I go to online dashboard and it says my payment was processed, and that my...
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    May want to look at this yall. Uber new tactic to screw us.

    Long story short. Was owed a boost for 3 trip consecutive. Didbt get it. So called uber. First guy says you need to complete a fourth trip before it is applied, even though it says 3 trips on app. I call again for a better rep. I get one. This one says I am entitled to the 6 dollar 3 consec...
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    Per mile and per minute changed??? Help

    Hey guys I am am a NJ driver. I thought the rate was $0.87 cents a mile in NJ for uber x and that uber x was also 15 cents a minute.... cuz look at this ... Notice how it says I am making only 65 cents a mile and 11 cents a minute. No bs sarcasm. I just want an answer. What happened? Is this a...
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    Please take a look at my 1099 summary I have a question

    So on this image here is what uber sent me. As you can see, I just wanted to ask. Which number on here is the number that I am liable to be taxes on? Is it the number at the top left that says $16955.31 that I am to be taxed on? OR is the number BELOW that that says $20017.19? Secondly, it...
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    Holy crap did they just admit to stealing from me. Never got this before

    Updated the app. Instant paid myself roughly 52 bucks. Get a notice today in the screenshot. They said they forwarded it back to my account. Went to my pay statement, and it says I have 0.00 dollars. On top of this my instant pay part of my app says the 52 bucks is transferred. Ever happen to...
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    Lost phone.

    Someone left phone on car. Can I leave ithe at My local police station rather than theirs, which is roughly 30 miles away? Thanks
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    Ubers new scheme against me with cancellations

    Suo everyone. Today morning, 12% in trip cancellations. I dont drive.... open app around afternoon, all of a suddent, cancellation rate has risen to 13%. I drive three fares to lower it to 12%, but instead of going down to 12 percent again, directly after completing my third fare, it goes UP...
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    Changing driver rating Helpme please guys.

    Guys. I am a 4.72 rated driver with over 1500 completed trips. Wheb I opened my app today O saw that there is a little thing uber put there that says, "starting 3/29 we're changing how we calculate average ratings. To provide a more up to date view of your riders feedback, your rating will...
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    Pay dispute!!!

    Hello guys, this week I drove and one of the days included a 1.3 boost. I just instant paid myself, and recieved $297 roughly, but with the boosts, my earnings tab said I had made $316. So Instant pay only gave me 297 out of the 316 I am owed. Will the difference be paid like a regular uber...
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    Crazy dead miles

    So what do we do when filing for taxes regarding a huge number of dead miles? I have like 11000 on trip miles but my dead miles are around 14000 or something. Meaning my total deductible miles is like 25000 total miles to be deducted. (I am finally learning that driving aimlessly around while...
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    Tax question here I cannot find the answer to.

    Hi there everyone. So I am wanting to file my taxes for 2016. I started in April 2016 and still drive. Anyway, I just downloaded my 2016 breakdown summary and it goes as follows. 1099k breakdown Gross fares: $16955.31 Split fare: $8.75 Airport fee: $27.00 City fee:$ 0.33 Booking fee...
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    Getting overwhelmed and nervous please help

    Hello guys. I have a few questions pertaining to taxes for my situation and I get easily overwhelmed with all of the threads and stuff and would highly appreciate some input. Ok. 1. I started Ubering in April of 2016. People would talk about quarterly tax filings. I have not done that. I read...
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    This guy is going to get deactivated, or even arrested Look what this guy is doing. Won't he end up getting deactivated and then criminally charged?
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    Threatened by random number help. Should i call 911

    So I just got called by a random number in which the person said if I call ever again, blah blah blah, called a @@@@@, etc. Unsure if I should call 911 or simply block the number. The person on the other end mentioned something about uber he was just going all out saying I am an uber driver qnd...
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    Not allowed to go over twelve hours?

    Is it true that we are not allowed to drive over 12 hours per day on uber? Because I drove 14 hours today