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    Be aware police in Pco vehicle

    Hi All, I'm not sure if you have come across this before but I just seen a Vauxhall zafira with a Pco badge and It's the met with under cover cops!! Sorry about the crap picture couldn't take it properly
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    Uber charges

    Hi All, Just wanted to ask if anyone else has noticed any charges made by uber? I have got multiple charges on my account which has been taken by them " uber GB help £11 each time).... does anyone know what this is? I have emailed them and they told me to contact my bank as they don't know...
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    Upgrading to XL

    Hi All, Just need a little advice I've just changed my vehicle to a 7 seater zafira, but for some reason I am not receiving any XL pings infact I can only see my vehicle as X on the rider app. What do I have to do in order to be on that platform I've emailed them but no response ....
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    Being forced to take pool!!

    Hi All, I just received multiple messages stating that I have rejected/not taken pills trips which I'd against the service agreement!!! Has anyone else got this message?
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    Hi All, For some reason I tried to log on today but my account has been deactivated, I was online last night for a few hours with no issues at all. I have a rating of 4.8 and acceptance rate of 84%! So I don't see why the have deactivated me?? Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Econnect cars

    Hi All, Recently came across this company called Econnect cars in e14 they have a fleet of the ugly Nissan Leaf... Was thinking of joining them; has anyone come across them? I don't know how true this is but I herd there is no vehicle rent as long as you leave the vehicle at base at the end...
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    Prius driver got confused ...

    Just came across this now just by Liverpool steet... So had to share it.....
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    Advice required

    Hi All, Just needed some advice on the attachment picture, was logged on and got two uberfool jobs which I didn't bother excepting. They then decided to log me off for 10 mins which is a real pain in the a**se! Any advice how to work around this? Or you just have to wait? I did try and restart...
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    Uber iftar east london

    Is anyone actually going to this event today?
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    Uber joke!

    Hi All, Got sent this from a friend of mine ... Bluddy halarious!!!
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    Advice on tyres

    Hi All, Any advice where I can get decent tyres from? ... Somewhere preferably I can buy and get them fitted too! Thank you!
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    Ratings ...

    Hi All, I'm aware uber at some point kicks you off their platform for bad ratings ... Does anyone know when that is? What is the final rating that they eliminate you?... I've seen some drivers with 4.8 to 4.3 ....
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    Customer damaged my car

    Hi All, I picked up a customer from a pub last night and took the passenger to their destination, on arrival the customer damaged my lower door light which resulted in the light to come out of its pocket and snap from its connection. I have sent a email attaching photo's straight after the...