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  1. UberEsq

    To the Lyft driver with disabled plates at SAN T1 this morning...

    White Prius with "disabled" plates Tuesday morning at T1--SAN. Cars were stacked three wide during the early a.m. crush. I stopped briefly to discharge my rider and his bag as you blared your horn because you were temporarily blocked. Both my rider and the traffic cop were urging you to...
  2. UberEsq

    Best (non surge) ride ever!

    Upon leaving Soapy Joe's in Mira Mesa, I accepted a ping for a pickup nearby on Camino Santa Fe. Rider called and said I would be picking up his laptop and delivering it to him in El Cajon--he forgot it when he went to work this morning. El Cajon turned out be almost Alpine. $33.00 for a 30...
  3. UberEsq

    Semester at Sea

    Folks: You may not want to ignore the dreaded Sheraton pings today and tomorrow. There's a small cruise ship in town that departs on 1/5 for the Semester at Sea program. Many of the students and their families are here now and staying at the Sheraton by the airport. They're requesting rides...
  4. UberEsq

    Beware the Rock and Roll Marathon on Sunday

  5. UberEsq

    Hosed repeatedly at SAN on a Friday

    Found myself around SAN several times today after drop-offs with queues just small enough to tempt me to pull into the pig pen and hope for a good one. Also thought I would try something different than my usual routine (big mistake). Here's what I got and why I'll be hard-pressed to ever do a...
  6. UberEsq

    SICK due to a pax!

    I think it was Thursday of last week, mid-morning, hotel check out time. Pick up a pax at UTC Marriott thinking (hoping?) it's an airport run. Wrong! Dude is going to the Best Western in Del Mar (unclear what that was all about) roughly 5-6 miles away. Whatever. Just as we're pulling up to...
  7. UberEsq

    Blue blazers invade Manchester Grand Hyatt

    Beware! Conference in town of real estate/apartment building developers meeting at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Roughly 3000 attendees. Mostly @@@@@@ bags in blue blazers taking $3 rides from downtown hotels to the GH. The traffic at the GH in the morning was insane. Almost got into it with...
  8. UberEsq

    Which is worse as a pax?

    Current Uber/Lyft drivers or former Uber/Lyft drivers? Two FORMER drivers convinced me that former drivers are worse than current drivers. When I'm a passenger, I never mention that I also drive.
  9. UberEsq

    Just me or is it DEAD today for Uber?

    4 rides over 4 hours? WTH??
  10. UberEsq

    "You don't have a car seat...?"

    I knew it was going to to be a bad day, when it began like this: Early morning ping from a scuzzy apartment building. Against my better judgment, I accept the ride only to show up and have the guy calling on the phone directing me where to pick him up. When I tell him I'm there, he says "I'll...
  11. UberEsq

    Destination Filter

    UberX driver. Heading out to Palm Springs area for an event today, then spending the night. Driving back to San Diego on Monday morning and hoping to catch a pax heading this way. Best setting for destination filter? SAN? Oceanside? Thoughts on this? I figure if I go online without the...
  12. UberEsq

    Crappy Morning

    Man.......that really sucked! Got a ping from the "Crosby Estates" (between 4S Ranch/RSF) and was hoping for an airport ride (and maybe even a tip!), but instead got a kid going to Canyon Crest Academy. The traffic around that joint is terrible in the morning. A very frustrating ride!