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  1. Shay_Analogy

    What's up with the people with their DOGS!!!!

    I got 2 requests for people with dogs. The first person called me and asked. The second did not say anything and walked out like I was entitled. I have a real bad reaction to animal hair and did not have a Epi-pen.... I did not take neither one of them anywhere considering it was last minute...
  2. Shay_Analogy

    Really!!! Sad broke Celebrities :

    Yesterday, I picked up one of the property brothers from on that little show, on HDTV..... And He did not tip neither, so sad... So, if you see someone that's a celebrity run. He rating was a 5.0... With an *after the 0..... I thought that was weird, but I rated his as bad the same way I do...
  3. Shay_Analogy

    Seatbealt tickets issued to UBER drivers:

    Yesterday, I picked up a PAX that stated he had just got into and drivers car when, just before the get up the block there was a check point for checking for seat belts. The driver was not paying attention to the PAX and did not notice that they were not buckled in. The officer stated, "The...
  4. Shay_Analogy

    Do you think we will get hourly gaurantees for Essenses?

    Last year they did them but because their are so many drivers on the road! Why would they worry? Here's last year's : attached....
  5. Shay_Analogy

    Rural Areas Around the N. O.

    I think Uber is gonna lose their drivers in rural areas around the N. O., because of the travel distance to pick-up people. Anybody the does drive anyways in theses areas with those prices has a 3 rd grade education, if they cannot count the pennies they are gaining for the dollars they are...