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    My Driver Direct

    Thanks . I would try it myself but it cost some $$$$ to establish and a monthly ongoing. Was hoping to get feedback from people who have used it
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    My Driver Direct

    anyone tried My Driver Direct? I have seen stickers on cars at the airport. What is your experience?
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    DMT officers at airport public pick up

    This morning (23/9/16) when I was dropping off pax at bne domestic airport public drop off I saw some QLD DMT officers who were talking to drivers. They seemed to have be taking notes. Looked like to pre-regulation days. Does anyone know what they might be up to ?
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    Mobile Phones, driving and getting fined

    which is how they catch people
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    Mobile Phones, driving and getting fined

    Spoke to a rider who has been fined (plus 3 points) for just touching the home button on their phone to get the time while driving. Others have said the same thing since the new mobile phone / driving laws have come in. I often see the cops prowling around George street checking for phone...
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    Uber XL Insurance

    I am looking to become an Uber XL driver. I have called a number of insurance companies (allianz and nrma) who said they will insure Uber x but not Uber XL. Anyone got any idea who will insure uber xl?