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  1. OdyUber

    Rounding error

    did anyone else notice that minimum fares are now paying $2.47 instead of $2.48 for the newer (25%) crowd? It's not about the penny, it's a morale thing..
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    Forgotten Items - Tell Your Stories

    I've had good and bad experiences. Share your stories! Nagging X passenger who didn't tip after a 15 mile detour to deliver it back, Good XL passenger who tipped $10 for $50 ride and again $20 for the returned item 5 minutes later (i was already on the way back to them). Also had a PAX leave a...
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    Uber driver strikes, kills pedestrian in Philly Gotta love how the headline is twisted into sensationalism, I guess "Jaywalker killed" doesn't get google news matches.. Update: Charges against driver unlikely.
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    How to correctly decline a ride?

    It happens for a ton of reasons: Ride too far for uberX or POOL. Rider too drunk for polite company. 4 Passengers with too much luggage for an uberX ride Tell your stories..
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    JUNO Coming to Miami

    I got the Hello Miami e-mail from JUNO today. It has links to an online driver survey as they gear up to expand beyond the NYC launch.
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    FLL Arrivals

    I have so many mixed feelings on this one.. It's the better of our 3 airports as far as rides, but sometimes the wait times are ridiculous. We have to contact each passenger to explain the pickup location, that's UBER's job to do. Arrivals area traffic jams are nasty, but no surge pricing. I...