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  1. 310uberdriver

    New Uber x rates

    First it was. 20% then 25% and now 100% we really are working for nothing!
  2. 310uberdriver

    Pokemon 5 star ride

    So just took someone to Beverly center and dude started flipping out. I asked if he was OK and he said he just caught some rare pokemon in my car. Gave me 5 stars. Lmao
  3. 310uberdriver

    Wtf timeout on 1st pool skip

    So I'm in Venice and get a pool request.naturally I let it time out and next thing I know I'm on a 4 minute timeout? Anyone else get timeout on first skipped ping?
  4. 310uberdriver

    Lax 1.9 surge right now!

    Wtf is going on today?
  5. 310uberdriver

    Pretty good Friday ;)

    Not too bad indeed. Anyone else do good tonight?
  6. 310uberdriver

    Ubering with my car radio instead of phone :)

    Just installed last night and so far it's freaking awesome! Replaced my 1k pioneer unit. :)
  7. 310uberdriver

    Uber assist?

    Anyone else get this email?
  8. 310uberdriver

    L.a. minimum fare update

    Just got this email.
  9. 310uberdriver

    Yay or Nay trip?

    So last night was kinda slow during the day in venice/sm/mdr. Usually i would get a ping withing 5-10 minutes of turning on the app but this time it just plain out sucked monkey balls. No pings for 15-30 minutes around 3pm and only short runs. I was about to give up but then i started to get...
  10. 310uberdriver

    Covered in yellow fog?

    Was on my way back to sm/Venice when all of a sudden got covered in yellow fog. Checked pax app and it didn't show surge or anything for that matter. Anyone else get this?