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  1. Frank_Howard

    Got Hacked & lost over $300

    This happened earlier today at DFW airport. Was on my way to pickup a rider about 2 pm when I got a message from rider that I needed to call support. Have not driving for Uber in 3 years. Long story short, as others have experienced, the african-sounding [email protected]@@@er drained me. I've...
  2. Frank_Howard

    Uber misrepresenting rape complaints

    BuzzFeed News obtained internal data on rapes and sexual assaults lodged via Uber’s customer service system, as the company attempted to find the leaker.
  3. Frank_Howard

    Inside Juno, The Company That Wants To Beat Uber By Wooing Its Drivers
  4. Frank_Howard

    Any Fort Worth drivers interested in a cash deal tomorrow?

    Need to pickup 5 to 7 people at their downtown hotel and transport them to AT&T Stadium tomorrow around 2 pm. I'll pay $60 cash up front. I can take 4 in my car. Leave a message if interested and I'll get in touch. Thanks.
  5. Frank_Howard

    UberEats or does it Suck? Beginning Nov 1 in Dallas

    I attended a "onboarding session" at Uber offices on Lamar today without knowing what it was going to be about. I found out that its about "meals on wheels" for the downtown/uptown area. I have no interesting in delivering food to anyone that is not homeless (now there's an idea). As best as...
  6. Frank_Howard

    Uber Pizza Party at 3 AM Sunday?

    WTF? What kind of appreciation is that? Can't wait to tell the homeless folks about this.
  7. Frank_Howard

    Another Strategy to Fight Back

    Uber has a lot of investors, some of whom may not want it known that they are endorsing Uber's shitty policies. No doubt they don't care however, but they might care about their negative public relations thrown around on social media. I'm going to begin listing those that I know are investors...
  8. Frank_Howard

    Uber Black in Protest Caravan Today

    No further comments necessary.