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    Uber is a repulsive company

    I drove New Years Eve and saw took surges up to 9.9 times the fare. I made $ 722 in 7 hours . Of course I feel good . However , the passengers were appalled by being ripped off. I just explained to them that is how Uber operates. They rip the drivers off daily by lowering fares to increase...
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    This Xmas vs. Last Xmas

    I have been driving uberX for a bit over one year. Last Xmas period I was making almost $ 30 per hour. Surges were frequent. This year I am doing about 50 % of that. Fares last year was $ 1.25 per mile and .20 cents per minute. There are definitely more passengers but the number f drivers has...
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    Email from Uber about $ 10 payment statements from Lyft

    Did anybody else receive an email from Uber regarding paying $ 10 per payment statement( up to 4 } from another ride sharing company such as Lyft ? It says it was sent to selected drivers only. I am leary to do it as it might be Uber's way of gathering information and then use this info to...