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  1. Webster614

    Pattison Ave

    Does the city always shut down Pattison Ave for big events (concerts, Eagles games)??? I don't remember that being the case last year but idk. Can't get within 4 blocks of the Stadium lately for events.
  2. Webster614

    Serious Q in need of serious A

    For you drivers that do the Center City area, what do you do when you have to take a leak? I'm typically downtown Thursday-Saturday nights (zero parking anywhere) and once in a while really have to pee but have no clue where to go... What do you guys/girls do?
  3. Webster614

    Pin Placement Issues?

    Started noticing that the app is screwing up pick up and droff off locations. Last night had a PAX request to be picked up at 220 Arch. Got to the location, rider notified. He called me immediately. He said he isn't sure how it happened, but he was actually over at 3rd and Market. I've noticed...
  4. Webster614

    Issues with Uber Partner App

    So I have noticed a few times over the last week and a half that I am randomly being taken offline in the app. Does anyone else have this issue? I'll turn the application on, hop in my car and start to head downtown, 10-15 minutes in to my ride I'll say "hmm... no pings, somewhat unusual..." go...
  5. Webster614

    New to Uber

    Hey all, New to Uber. Started about a week ago. Doing "ok" for now. Still trying to figure out the best times to get out there and drive, and when to not waste my time. Anyone have some tips on locations around (outside the city) that are usually hotspots for Uber activity and what time...